7BBL Microbrewery Equipment Used Beer Fermenting System with CE.UL Certification
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7BBL Microbrewery Equipment Used Beer Fermenting System with CE.UL Certification

Fermentation tanks, or more commonly fermenters, are key components in beer brewing.Fermenters are specialized tanks designed to precisely control temperature and maintain the optimal conditions for fermentation, which occurs once the wort has been transferred from the brewhouse to the fermenter; a conical-bottom design is highly recommended for fermenters allowing for easier yeast harvesting.

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What is beer fermentation

Beer fermentation is a progress to produce alcohol from wort through yeast's anaerobic respiration

After the wort is cooled down to the required fermentation temperature(Ale:18 °to 22°;Lager:8°to 10°),the wort will enter into the fermentation tank with yeast and oxygen.The yeast will do aerobic respiration in fermentation tank first and allow the yeast to breed largely.Then the large quantity yeast will do anaerobic respiration to produce alcohol.The temperature will increase in the period,so the cooling system will work automatcially to keep the low temperature.

Beer fermentation tank is a conical cylinder tank with self cooling system

Stainless steel, vertical, double-walled, insulated, 60 degree cone bottom, dished head, beer fermentation tank.Cylindrical and conical parts have independent glycol cooling zones controlled by temperature sensor.Part of dished head forms oval manhole, breathing valve set up at 1.5 bar and sanitation cleaning ball. There is a manhole, a hops hole on the top of the tank.A pressure gauge and a mechanical safe valve are connected on the L pipeline.There are also a sample valve,a temperature sensor,a thermometer in the cylinder of fermentation tank.conical part has bottom outlet yeast removal pipe and outlet for beer transfer to serving tanks.Tank is supported by 4 tube legs with fully articulating adjustable feet.


Technical parameter

•Material Inner thickness: 3.0mm;

•Outer thickness:2.0mm

•External-Jacket thickness: 1.5mm;

•Oval head cone bottom, thickness: 3.0mm.

•Inner Surface: Mirror polishing

•Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.6μm

•Vessel Pressure: 1.5 bar / 3.0 bar

•Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness100 mm.

•Equipment with : cone 60°resist compression design

•Heat exchange area2.69

•Side mahole

•Cleaning ball

•Cooling jacket,two cooling zone

•Temperature sensor

•Pressure guage

•Machinery regulator

640 、871f11


Basically feature

stainless steel, vertical, double-walled, insulated, 60 degree cone bottom, dished head,

beer fermentation vessel.

Cooling method

The conical fermenter has a cooling jacket. The cylinder portion of the tank has 1-2 section cooling jacket, and the cone has one cooling jacket. This structure facilitates the sedimentation and preservation of the yeast.


The conical fermenter is a sealed tank that can be used as both a fermentation tank and a storage tank.


Conical tanks are not only suitable for the bottom fermentation, but also for the top fermentation.

Cleaning temperature

Cleaning the fermentation tank with hot water or steam sterilization is very dangerous, and it is easy to form a vacuum pumping phenomenon. Therefore, the temperature of the cleaned fermenter should not exceed 40 degrees.

Mechanical  regulating valve

Mechanical  regulating valve, when the pressure in the fermenter rises, danger will occur, so must install the valve.

Breathing valve

Large tank is very sensitive to vacuum, and a small negative pressure will cause it to deform.

Temperature sensor

the tank requires accurate temperature control and precise temperature regulation. So we should install it.

Pressure gauge

In the process of fermentation or storage, we should monitor the pressure. The pressure gauge shows the pressure with a pressure gauge.

Sampling valve

A sampling port is set on the fermenter to check the fermentation condition of of beer.


It is convenient for people to go in and clean. Check the tank for cracks or corrosion. Check the dead corners on the tank or in the pipeline.


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