Brewery Equipment Installation

Brewery Equipment Installation


Since craft-style beers began gaining popularity, our experience with the microbrewery industry has allowed us to play a vital role in this niche market. At DEGONG Brewery, we offer full-service solutions for installing process piping, tanks, conveyors, and other related brewery equipment. This project involved a local, Chicago-area installation we completed in cooperation with two of our sister companies, American Industrial Werks and Brewery Werks.

Phase one consisted of seven different setups. We installed 3.0" insulated PVC PPR supply and return lines for the cooling system, and then connected the tanks to the cooling mains with 1” piping. We strategically located the isolation valves to manage flow between the tanks, mains, and chiller unit for safety and maintenance purposes, and put several additional valves in place to accommodate future expansion. Next on the list was installing a 2" schedule 40 steam line to the brew kettle and fitting it with return isolation valves. To ensure adequate venting, we ran 24 gage round flue pile to the outside and fitted it with a rain cap. Lastly, we installed a conveyor through the block wall from the mill to the hopper.

Phase two involved similar activities for the installation of six 30 bbl fermenter tanks and one 30 bbl bright tank. We also placed 14 new solenoids between the cooling mains and the tanks. Along the way we were tasked with two extra responsibilities. One consisted of pre-assembling the stainless steel piping for the tank, brew kettle, and mash tun, the other was to fabricate supports for the grist case and execute the installation.

Throughout the entire project, we worked as safely and efficiently as possible. We had the manpower to readily accommodate the out-of-scope work while still completing the project within the stipulated timelines. Batch after batch, this facility is now consistently brewing their signature beers and ales for Chicagoland to enjoy.


Installation: We insist on site installation, because customers often encounter unforeseen problems beyond their expertise. We are located in the center of the United States, so our engineers can easily travel around the country.
Cleaning: No level of brewing can choose to use unclean equipment, but cleaning takes time and money. We use high quality stainless steel because it makes cleaning easier.
Temperature Consistency: In beer brewing, temperature is another important component of this process. Objects must be heated to precise temperatures, and these temperatures must be maintained for a set period of time. Automation can help simplify the process.
Scalability: How fast can your operations expand to meet customer needs? Several factors must be considered, ranging from batch size and facility size to equipment procurement and financing. First of all, do you ship equipment from overseas? Because there are advantages in purchasing brewing equipment made in the United States.
Replica: So you just brewed the most incredible beer in human history. The first question that must be asked is whether the process can be replicated. If not, you won't have much long-term success. Automation can help elevate replication to the next level.
Productivity: Every link in the brewing process needs to be carefully planned. Otherwise, time-consuming and money-consuming bottlenecks may eventually arise.
Growth: Micro Wine Magazine asked 61 brewers to weigh what they wanted to know before starting a brewery. The most common response is, "I hope we plan to expand from the beginning. For this reason, consider setting up your microblog in an extended space facility.

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