Brewery Equipment Production

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Part 1:
Where is your baby microbrewery equipment produced?

The manufacturing facility is very important to make a high quality brewery tank,microbrewery equipment,brewery equipment,Fermenter tank, Bright Beer Tank, Storage Tank,. Most of the brewery equipment factories don’t have a modern style plant for production. It is not a problem, i think. However, some key factors which may affect the quality must be taken into consideration. The luminance of the workshop will affect not only sight but also workers’ condition. A dark environment will hide a lot quality defect during polishing or welding. It will also make depressed, so that reducing the degree of work earnestly. The manufacturing tools or some devices is another concern, though brewery tanks don’t need too many producing equipments. Taking posture welding for example, a comfortable posture for welding workers will make the welding joint beautiful. Tanks, specially for microbrewery, have various corners and need rotating the tank to get an easy welding posture. If the tanks lifting or rotating equipment is not allowed, it is very difficult to do best welding even though the worker is high skilled.


100HL Fermenation tank


Part 2:
Management of the beer equipment factory is important

Management is something you can not see or read. It can only be feeled. It is not the boss who build your brewery equipment, but his employees. How can these employees work well? Every boss request their workers to make high quality products. In fact, only a few team can do well. The leader’s conception is reflected in the management and be executed well by the team. When you step into the factory, everything is in their own orders, not a mess. The processing flow should be clear and with strict transfer record. Good management can reduce a lot of faults during production.

Part 3:
Brewery tanks process and workers’ skill

Do you know how a fermentation tank are assembled together? Stainless steel shell, dimpled jacket plate, top seal, manhole, legs are all ready. Image how it can be assembled? You may think all the manufacturers are doing the same process. It is not the truth. Take this fermentation tank for example, the inside polishing is separated into two types. One is polished by machine with one arm stretching inside the tank. The other is passivation process. The first one is done by welding jackets on interior shell, then polishing and finally weld the top seal on the interior shell. The second first welds the top seal on and then do cleaning and passivation. A reasonable process will affect the tank quality. Workers skill is obviously showed on the tanks they made like the welding joint, polishing and others.


100HL Fermenter, 100HL Bright Beer Tank, Storage Tank

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