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Fermentation Vessels

  • Brewery Equipment Vendors 10bbl Beer Fermenters Brewpub Equipment
    The design and fabrication are both following what is more suitable for local requests, to make sure client has less extra cost on other issues when running the brewery. We make operating the system for brewing easier and more efficient the priority, meanwhile we try our best to lower the cost of materials and save energy, to help all clients all over the world find the best balance between investment and income.
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  • 5BBL 7BBL Stackable Fermenters Save Valuable Floor Space
    Take advantage of the vertical space in your brewery! Our stacked 5-7 Barrel fermenters are an ideal option for brewpubs and micro breweries that have smaller spaces, or for brewers who simply want to ferment different types of beer at the same time (ie. ales and lagers). These tanks are sold in pairs, and are easily accessible via extended CIP arms and side manways.
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  • Kombucha Fermenting and storage 10hl tanks fermentation tanks vessel for sale
    Making your own kombucha? Just do it! The fizzy tea is hip, happening & healthy. You can easily make this thirst-quencher yourself by fermenting black tea for one or two weeks with a kombucha culture (SCOBY) and glucose. The culture converts glucose into acids, yeasts, enzymes and vitamins. The result is a deliciously refreshing slightly effervescent tea.
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  • Beer Fermentation Tank 5000L Chinese Brewing Equipment Brewers Equipment for Sale
    The beer fermentation tank is used in the fermentation stage of beer equipment, and adopts dimple jacket and polyurethane for heat preservation. The fermentation tank is made of stainless steel SUS304 material. The tank is equipped with an overpressure and vacuum protection safety valve, and an adjustable beer outlet.
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  • Reliable Equipment Jacketed Conical Fermenters 50bbl-100bbl Unitanks for sale
    Our high quality craft brewing equipment is 100% sanitary and made from premium 304 stainless steel, offering superior sanitation and easy cleaning.
    Choose from a variety of conical fermenters, brew kettles, IBC totes, variable capacity tanks, mash tuns, hop backs, brite tanks, and other equipment for making quality Beer, Wine, Kombucha, Cider, Cold brew coffee and more. We have sizes for home brewing and commercial brewing systems, and can custom build any tank to fit your needs.
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  • Primary Secondary fermentation tanks beer brewing equipment 500L-2000L capacity for brewery
    The beer production process can be divided into two phases. The first phase, brewing, is performed inside a brewhouse, where a mixture of malt, water, and hops is used to obtain wort. The second phase, fermentation and maturation, is carried out in specially designed tanks (fermenters and maturation tanks). These tanks are used to transform wort into young beer, which then goes through the maturation process in order to obtain the final product - beer.
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