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Beer Machine Maintenance

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This manual is summarized from some common fault during using or assembling the brewery system in past years. These faulty probably bring irreparable damage to the equipment. So please read it carefully one by one and make sure all items are fully understanded.  We keep the right to refuse any compensation because of these faulty and any third party lose or implicative. The items below are just for your stronger attention which are not the whole of the equipment operation.

Brewery Equipment Installation

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Since craft-style beers began gaining popularity, our experience with the microbrewery industry has allowed us to play a vital role in this niche market. At DEGONG Brewery, we offer full-service solutions for installing process piping, tanks, conveyors, and other related brewery equipment. This project involved a local, Chicago-area installation we completed in cooperation with two of our sister companies, American Industrial Werks and Brewery Werks.

Brewery Equipment Shipping

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Ship is the most popular way in international trading. The microbrewery tanks are easily placed into containers no matter 20 feet or 40 feet and then shipped the whole world. There are so many ships in China which ply between China and other sea ports in the world like USA ports, Canada ports, Australia ports, Europe ports, Latine America ports, Africa and Asia ports etc. Those ships can be one time one week at least, some is even two or three lines a week.

Brewery Equipment Starting

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It is really hard to give a certain answer for the cost of starting microbrewery. A lot of factors have something with the price of brewery, like the capacity of the brewery, the brewing process, the suppliers of equipment, the beer service method and also the materials of beer equipment etc. Fortunately, craft beer brewing is an inclusive matter. No matter how much you prefer to cost for your brewery, it is possible. 

Brewery Equipment Design

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You must collect some necessary information and make a general plan of your microbrewery business. Then you are able to talk about your idea with your micro brewery equipment suppliers. They will feedback you if your idea is workable. Most of the equipment suppliers like us have a standard configuration of the whole beer system which they think is reasonable and common. 

Brewery Equipment Production

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The manufacturing facility is very important to make a high quality brewery tank,microbrewery equipment,brewery equipment,Fermenter tank, Bright Beer Tank, Storage Tank,. Most of the brewery equipment factories don’t have a modern style plant for production. It is not a problem, i think. However, some key factors which may affect the quality must be taken into consideration. 
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