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Brewhouse System

Our systems feature fully-welded kettle ports, high-powered heating elements and a simple, single control panel.
Whether you are making beer for your household, your neighborhood or your brewery, Degong has a solution. 

Fermentation Tank

Made of shiny and super-clean 304 Stainless Steel, you will get the results you want without the worry of external influences.
Available in sizes from 1 – 150 BBLs and in a variety of finishes, these tanks are ready to serve.

Our Services

Give 100% satisfaction to our client is our main goal.

Beer Machine Maintenance

This manual is summarized from some common fault during using or assembling the brewery system in past years. These faulty probably bring irreparable damage to the equipment. 

Brewery Equipment Starting

It is really hard to give a certain answer for the cost of starting microbrewery. A lot of factors have something with the price of brewery, like the capacity of the brewery, the brewing process, ect.

Brewery Equipment Installation

We offer full-service solutions for installing process piping, tanks, conveyors, and other related brewery equipment. Completed in cooperation with two of our sister companies worldwide.

Brewery Equipment Design

You must collect some necessary information and make a general plan of your microbrewery business. Then you are able to talk about your idea with your micro brewery equipment suppliers.

Brewery Tank Shipping

The microbrewery tanks are easily placed into containers no matter 20 feet or 40 feet and then shipped the whole world. Those ships can be one time one week at least.

Brewery Equipment Production

The manufacturing facility is very important to make a high quality brewery tank, brewery equipment, Fermenter tank. Most of the factories don’t have a modern style plant for production.


DEGONG has successfully completed over 100 projects in over 67 countries
​ ranging in sizes from 5BBL to 100BBL and 50L to 100HL.

Installation of Swedish 3000L Beer Brewing System

Sweden is a Nordic country located on the Scandinavian peninsula of northern Europe. Sweden has land borders i n the west with Norway, in the north -east with Finland and adjacent territorial waters to Norway in the north -west, Denmark i n the south -west and Finland i n the east. It has coasts to

Company News 2018-08-27

1000L beer brewing system is being installed in Italy

Tremble!! We’re coming. Family Brewery is almost ready!!! Stay tuned.. the family’s brewery is up to like!! beer brand degong beer equipment.When the production of a beer equipment is officially completed, the life of the beer brewing equipment is just beginning, and it makes people more yearning fo

Company News 2018-08-27

Brewpub layout solution for craft beer brewing equipment in UK

There are many customers ask how to properly placement equipment when they are purchasing craft beer equipment,especially for the area of the site.Our engineer have statistics on the layout of the craft beer equipment

Company News 2019-10-20


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