10BBL Insulated Dimple Jacket Beer Bright Tank / Beer Storage Tank for Pub
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10BBL Insulated Dimple Jacket Beer Bright Tank / Beer Storage Tank for Pub

Service tanks, also called bright beer tanks, are the containers structurally identical to maturing tanks.Their typical feature is the certification for pressure 3.0 bar, since for their main function, which is filling the transport packaging ( kegs, bottles ) and draught beer ( in the adjacent restaurant ), it is necessary to keep beer under a higher pressure than is used in maturing tanks.

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Service tanks, also called bright beer tanks, are the containers structurally identical to maturing tanks.Their typical feature is the certification for pressure 3.0 bar, since for their main function, which is filling the transport packaging ( kegs, bottles ) and draught beer ( in the adjacent restaurant ), it is necessary to keep beer under a higher pressure than is used in maturing tanks.




Introduction of bright beer tank

The cylindrical brite tank for final work with purified beverage (called also serving tank, filling tank, service tank, storage tank, BBT – Bright beer tank) . This type of the beverage-production tank is equipped with a horizontal stackable construction. This professional equipment is designed to storage, serving, carbonization, filtration of beer, cider, wine and other beverages under pressure, and also for preparation of beverages before their filling into kegs or bottles. The vessel is available in several variants, it is made of food grade steel AISI 304.The tank is normally available in several versions (optional dimensions, quality class, maximum pressure).  All parts are made in European Union.


Standard equipment  configuration:

Pressure fine-adjusting valve without the fermentation lock – Simplified mechanism to accurate setting of pressure designed for this type of beverage production tanks with a glycerine manometer (standard range from 0 bar up to 3 bar ) – necessary for keeping beer under pressure during all operations with the tank – in this type of the tank this function is provided by the simplified adjustable pressure valve.

Outer jacket of the tank of stainless steel – Kind of the surface finishing (standard = grinded) choosed by customer.

Guaranteed inner surface roughness : Ra < 0.6 μm or less (grinded surfaces) / Ra < 0.4 μm or less (polished surfaces)

Service door (manhole) –  The door is positioned on the front arched part (SQ = opening inward / HQ = opening outward)

Bottom filling/emptying armature – The inlet / outlet pipe with a butterfly valve for filling tank, discharging of yeast and draining of full content of the tank

CIP ball – CIP sanitizing ball (SQ = statical / HQ = rotational) – one or more pcs according length of the tank

Sanitation pipe – A multifunction pipe with a ball valve for connection of a shower head to the cleaning-sanitizing CIP station , the adjustable pressure valve with manometer, CO2 inlet

Sample valve – cleanable and sanitizable sampling cock for collection product samples

Vacuum valve – Double-acting overpressure valve (standard = 3.2 bar) and underpressure

Venting valve – Dedicated venting valve for safety draining of the tank and for accurate measuring of current pressure in the tank using manometer (it ensures properly function of the manometer when the shower ball shower is blocked with a foam)

Pressure gauge – It is included in the set of the adjustable pressure valve. Made of stainless steel, with glycerine inside.

Stackable feet (support plates) – They allow the stacking of the tanks into space-saving assemblies in more horizontal layers.

Filling level indicator – Sanitizable glass or plastic pipe for visualisation height level of the beverage product in the tank (SQ = fixed / HQ = removable)

Type label – the steel label with all parameters that are required from European Union for pressure vessels





Application of bright beer tank

In larger breweries, color may be added at the bright tank stage, and adjustments may be made to bitterness and aroma using pre-isomerized hop extracts or hop oils. In craft breweries, bright tanks may play any number of roles besides those enumerated above. As many craft beers are not filtered or clarified, the beer sent into the bright tank may not be bright at all. The beer may have flavors added at the bright tank. The volatile flavors of honey, for example, do not always survive fermentation, and therefore many honey ales have honey added at the bright tank, where it will add some sweetness as well as flavor and aroma. Coffee or coffee extracts are also often added here for similar reasons. Bright tanks are also often used for blending one or more beers to create something new.


Bright tanks are also sometimes used as mixing tanks for beers that are to be bottle-conditioned. Here, the beer will be mixed with priming sugar and possibly with new yeast intended to carry out re-fermentation. The beer is then bottled (or, in rare instances, kegged) from the bright tank. In brewpubs, the bright tank is often also the serving tank; beer may run directly from this tank to the taps at the bar.


Pre-Sales Service

1. Free of making offers, craft and technical guidance.

2. We can provide company's qualification certification and the drawings.

3. We can also make customized products according to customer's needs.


After-Sales Service

1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
2. Owing to the quotation of our equipment is FOB price which excluded charges of door-to-door service. Thus, if necessary, we can appoint our technician to debug the machine with air ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost provided by your party. Or you can send your technician to our company to learn techniques.

3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail to consult any relevant questions since we have a special line of after-sale service. Or you can communicate online and solve the problems.


The normal package is wooden box. If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.

 1.Plastic film, bubble film 
2. Fumigation-free wooden case for LCL 
3. Plastic film&bubble film wrapped, iron frame if needed, fixing for FCL 
4. Up to export standard, safety transportation



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