500L stackable high quality horizontal beer maturation tank for sale
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500L stackable high quality horizontal beer maturation tank for sale

The horizontal orientation of the tanks is practical in breweries with insufficient height for the location of vertical cylindrical beer maturation tanks. It can save lot of space by reducing the height. Custom built type, CE ISO TUV certified.

  • DGET-500L
  • 8438400000

The horizontal orientation of the tanks is practical in breweries with insufficient height for the location of vertical cylindrical beer maturation tanks.

Horizontal cylindrical beer maturation tanks can be stacked to maximize their number if the room space is limited. The main disadvantage of horizontally oriented tanks is, in particular, poor access to hidden space between of the tanks, where is accumulated dirt, which may be the source of unwanted infections of yeast and beer. We recommend the horizontal tanks only for breweries with a really low ceiling height in the beer cellar room.

Function of beer maturation tank 

After the primary fermentation process of wort, the wort maturation process in the maturation tanks, also know as lagering tank, aging tank, happens. They are specialized beer tanks designed only for the second phase of the beer fermentation process. During the phase, the beer is slowly fermenting in low temperature under pressure and it is naturaly saturated with the carbon dioxide which was formed during the remaining yeast activity. This way the beer acquires its final savour.

The secondary beer fermentation process – the beer maturation – is the longest stage of the beer production process. The length of the beer maturation process depends on the chosen recipe, temperature and the set pressure in the maturation tank.

The period of the beer maturation process, the batch capacity and frequency of wort production is important for the decisions on the required number of maturation tanks in different breweries.

Standard configuration list of horizontal maturation tank

- Overpressure setting mechanism from 0 bar up to 3 bar (or more according to customer requirements)

- Cooling channels – duplicators for circulation of coolant (glycol or water)

- Insulation – thickness corresponding to the size of the tank and the environment

- Stainless steel jacket – with the customer selected surface finishing

- Guaranteed inner surface roughness of Ra = 0.8 microns or less (except in very small tanks and terminate-welds on medium-size tanks)

- Manhole on the bottom or on cylinder part (according to customer requirements)

- Outlet / inlet for beer or cider

- Outlet / inlet for dosing and discharge of yeast

- Sanitation showers – sprayball (static or rotary) – one or more pcs according of length of the tank

- Cleanable and sanitizable sampling cock

- Double-acting air vent valve

- Independent safety overpressure valve (only tanks with volume greater than 16000 L)

- Thermometer pocket

- Cleanable and sanitizable glass level indicator

- Supporting frame is designed individually according of customer requirements

- CE ISO TUV certified 

Model DGET 500L DGET 1000L DGET 1500L DGET 2000L
 Net volume (liters) 500 1000 1500 2000
 Insulation yes yes yes yes
Thickness of insulation 80mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
 CIP system Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Operating pressure (bar) up to 2 up to 2 up to 2 up to 2




Q1 Can your brewery system make both lager and ale?

Yes. Our brewery system can do this.

Q2 About the heating system:

Normally for 3 heating system;electric,steam and direct fire heating, if the capacity more than 1200l, it needs steam heating, less than 1200l capacity, can be electric,steam,direct fire are all ok,just the electric heating price is cheaper than steam heating and direct fire.

Q3 How to do temperature control?

 The PLC or digital display meter can control the temperature via connecting with the PT100 sensor. Insulation keep the temperature.

Q4 Is it possible to supply installation in my country?

Yes, our engineers can go to your place and teach you installation and brewing.


1.Pre-sales service

Some clients are new in this field, they also no have ideas about how to confirm the configuration list, since we have experience, we can give some suggestions and also other clients for reference, then they will know what they will need exactly. We also have the process video for the brewing equipment, if the client do not know the process, the video will be sent.

We will give the layout according to the client’s floor plan or their requirements.3D layout also can be provided. This can help the client to get a better understanding about the project.


We will give the detailed diagram of the tanks, this can help the client to know whether this is what they need and also can modify them before placing the order.

2.After-sales service


When loading the equipment, we will take photos and show them to the client to confirm everything in the container already. Another important issue is installation,2 options can be chosen by the clients as follows:


1).We can send the engineer there for helping the client install debug the equipment, if it is necessary, the engineer also can teach the client how to brewing beer.


2).We can provide the piping diagram and wire diagram. They are useful for installing. Then the client can install the equipment by themselves.

3).The sales will contact with the client all the time until the equipment running normally. Once the client need any assistances or need any accessory, the sales will provide them soonest.

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