7bbl Stainless Steel Commercial Craft Beer Horizontal Lagering Tank Maturation Tanks EURO for Sale
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7bbl Stainless Steel Commercial Craft Beer Horizontal Lagering Tank Maturation Tanks EURO for Sale

After an initial fermentation, beer may be conditioned in lagering tanks where it will be stored at near freezing temperatures for 1-6 months.  The beer is no longer exposed to the "trub" that has settled to the bottom of the primary fermenter.  The lagering process will help prevent the formation of unwanted flavors by cleaning up various chemicals, acids and compounds.

Thickness of material (mm):
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

What is the beer maturation tank intended for ?

The main function of the beer maturate tank is to provide a secondary phase of the beer fermentation – the maturation of beer, which is the natural saturation of the beer by the carbon dioxide which is spontaneously produced during the physical activity of the beer yeasts at low temperature (usually from 1°C to 4°C) and low pressure (usually from 1.0bar to 2.5bar).

Our in-house Engineering Team can design your custom stainless steel vessels for any number of uses. These tanks, designed specifically for your end use are not only cosmetically pleasing, but also feature sanitary design that is built for long term effective use. Our Fabrication Team is highly experienced in the building of custom fabrication and can help you achieve any number of your company’s processing goals.


horizontal lager tank in factory

Lager tank/mature tank configration:

Brushed 304 stainless steel

316 stainless steel and copper banding options

Dimple plate jacket glycol insulation layer

Carbonation stone

Well less thermometer probe port

CIP rotating ball;Pressure gauge

Sample valve;Side manway

Thermometer pocket

Cleanable and sanitizable glass level indicator

Supporting frame is designed individually according of customer requirements

Outlet / inlet for beer or cider

Outlet / inlet for dosing and discharge of yeast


Stacked tanks can save space

The advantage is saving place. In the same area we can place a greater number of tanks, if they are arranged in the battery, i.e. in several rows one above another. The disadvantage is the difficult cleaning and sanitation of the tanks stored too low or too high. Battery tanks are difficult to clean from outside – on inaccessible surfaces of tanks organic contaminants may accumulate and contaminate the produced beer.

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Equipment is loaded into containers ready for shipment to the port.


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