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DEGONG Brewery Equipment as a professional beer bright tank manufacturer and supplier in China, all the beer bright tank have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent beer bright tank in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • 10BBL Insulated Dimple Jacket Beer Bright Tank / Beer Storage Tank for Pub
    Service tanks, also called bright beer tanks, are the containers structurally identical to maturing tanks.Their typical feature is the certification for pressure 3.0 bar, since for their main function, which is filling the transport packaging ( kegs, bottles ) and draught beer ( in the adjacent restaurant ), it is necessary to keep beer under a higher pressure than is used in maturing tanks.
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  • 7BBL Vertical Dimple Jacket Beer Maturing Vessels / Beer Serving Tank in Pub
    Carbonating a full batch of beer with a carbonating stone in a brite tank provides for much quicker carbonation. The carbonating stone increases the surface area contact with the beer by producing tiny bubbles of CO2, which are more easily absorbed into the beer.
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  • 10BBL Vertical Insulation Jacket Brite Beer Tank Stainless Steel Beer Storage Tank
    For in-tank carbonation (or adjustments), the bright tank will be fitted with a carbonation stone, a device through which carbon dioxide is forced, dispersing fine bubbles into the liquid for fast dissolution. Carbonation stones are usually made from either porous stone or sintered stainless steel. After carbonation, the beer is ready to be bottled or kegged (or both) directly from the bright tank. As the bright tank is the last stop before the package, careful attention is paid to quality assurance at this stage. Carbonation is closely checked and the brewery’s laboratory will run a series of tests.
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  • 1000L Stainless Steel Jacket Beer Brite Tank Brewpub Beer Serving Tank for Sale
    Bright Tank is a dish-bottomed pressure-rated temperature-controlled tank used to hold beer in preparation for packaging. The term “bright” refers to “bright beer,” beer that has been rendered bright (clear) by filtration, centrifugation, fining, and/or maturation. In most breweries, beer will be filtered after leaving a uni-tank or lagering vessel and be directed into a bright tank. If the beer is to be force-carbonated, then the beer may be carbonated in-line, under pressure, between the fermenter or lagering tank and the bright tank. In this case, the beer should arrive at the bright tank with full carbonation.
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