500L horizontally stackable insulated bright beer tank/ beer storage tank for sale
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500L horizontally stackable insulated bright beer tank/ beer storage tank for sale

Ranging from 100L to 5000L, bright beer tank is aimed to clarify the beer and increase the Co2 content of the beer. Bright beer tank is always top domed and bottom conical, but can also be domed on request. CE ISO TUV certified. Food grade stainless steel

Cooling method:
Pressure :
inner shell:
  • DGET-500L
  • 8438400000
Product description

Bright beer tank are often called serving tanks, or brite tanks, bright beer tanks or maturation or conditioning tanks. These tanks are used for the storage of the beer prior to being served or packaged. Depending on their application, the beer serving tanks can be glycol jacketed or can be located in the cold room. For brewpubs serving is often done by pumping or pressurizing the beer toward the serving location.


Manufacturing process

Technical parameters 

- Made in sanitary food grade 304 stainless steel

- Net volume: 500L

- Wall thickness 3mm or 4 mm

- All welds pickled and passivated

- Dished bottom

- Cooling jackets in bottom and cylinder

- CIP pipe and spraying ball

- Shadowless man-way in cylinder or on top

- Bottom and cylinder insulated by PU foam

- Stainless cladding, completely welded

- All necessary connections for sampling, spunding, pressure valve, temperature sensors and security valve pressure and vacuum

- Further connections on request

- CE ISO TUV certificated

- One drain

- Four pieces of legs with adjustable feetpads

- Tank dimensions based on your requirements

Drawing of the bright beer tank


Being our customer, you can get the following service:

 1. Projects supporting (Layout of equipment and equipment site);

 2. Brewing formula & technology;

 3. Equipment installation at your location;

 4. Equipment debugging and trial brewing;

 5. Equipment maintenance;

 6. Personal training.

Shipping & Delivery

1. Ocean shipment,railway shipment,express delivery.

 2. No matter flat pack to save shipping cost,or fill with your merchandise into allassembled displays to ship together,all is up to you.

3. And we have our own department to arange the shipments.we ship worldwide dierctly by see,railway or express.we will provide all documents you need to import.

4. We packed the goods to meet the transport distance, shock, rust and anti-handling requirements damaged before shipping, to ensure the safe transport of goods to reach the buyer designated location before it is shipped.


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