5 BBL Jacketed double shell Brite Tank/Bright Beer Tank for sale
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5 BBL Jacketed double shell Brite Tank/Bright Beer Tank for sale

Whether you are looking for a complete system or a single tank to expand your present operation, DEGONG builds equipment solutions tailored to meet your budget, your layout, and your investment goals.
Thickness of material (mm):
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

5 BBL Jacketed double shell Brite Tank/Bright Beer Tank 

Our 5 bbl brite tank has a unified jacket that keeps your beer cold down to the last pint – it functions as either a serving tank or a packaging tank.  The shadowless side manway helps ensure more effective cleaning via CIP.


This jacketed 5 barrel brite tank is a great option for a standard brite beer tank for brewers who want precise temperature control for lagering brite beer or for serving tanks on display.  If walk-in cooler space is at a premium for your location, easily install this brite tank on your glycol line and put it on display!  This 5 bbl brite tank can also be used for kombucha brewing.


22 750-min

Custom-made Cellar tanks with beer kegs

Material: Premium 304 Stainless Steel

Note: This is a standard brite tank product photo.


Features of this 5 bbl brite tank:

Shadowless Side Manway for easy cleaning

Sample valve or quality testing

Butterfly valves

Adjustable feet for leveling on uneven floors or fine height adjustments

CIP arm with port for pressure gauge and rotating spray ball

Self-cleaning sight glass fittings use clear draft beer line

Tank material thickness is 3mm, jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm

0.15Mpa working pressure (30 psi available as special order)

Ports for carbonation stone, PRV

1/2" NPT welded thermowell for temperature probe

Temp probes are available for purchase separately, with options for single tank-mounted, or multi-tank wirelessly accessible fermentation temperature control panels

Also known as a Bright Beer Tank



6 inch Carbonation Stone

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Gauge

Butterfly Valve on the CIP arm

brite tank2

Brite tanks/Bright beer tanks

44 750-min

Pressure gauge and pressure relief valve on the CIP arm

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