2000L Newest Copper Vodka Distiller Alcohol Distillation Equipment Commercial Distillery
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2000L Newest Copper Vodka Distiller Alcohol Distillation Equipment Commercial Distillery

Pictured is our 2000L jacketed, steam heated, Pro Series gin still. This still is perfect for producing whiskey, bourbon, moonshine, brandy, rum and gin (with optional gin basket). It must be heated with a low pressure steam boiler.
  • DG-2000L

2000L Vodka Distillery

Product description
  • Product name: Copper household distillation equipment

  • Volume: 2000L (50-5000L can be customized)

  • Material: SUS 304, SUS316L, copper

  • Thickness: inner tank 2.00-4.00mm, pit 1.5mm, outer shell 1.5-2.00mm, according to customer requirements

  • Structure: disc top, cylinder body, cone bottom; single layer or jacket.If there is jacket, it has pit jacket and PU insulation, insulation thickness 50.00-100.00mm according to customer requirements.

  • Polishing: The inner tube is mirror polished, and the outer shell can be mirror polished or matt polished.

  • Accessories: side manhole, yeast inlet, CIP spray ball, CIP pipe, casing, sampling valve, spinning valve, pressure gauge, lifting lug, jacket inlet and outlet, outlet, outrigger bracket, adjustable foot.


DEGONG 2000L distillery equipment

  • Flexible modular system, free combination of components.

  • Rectification column optimized for high quality distillate, easy to operate and use, easy to clean and small footprint.

  • Copper catalytic converter technology guarantees reduction of unwanted acid content as well as cyanide and urethane content.

  • The three-way ball valve can realize the multi-functionalization of the distillation equipment, and can produce different spirits according to customer needs, such as whiskey brandy, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, bourbon, etc.

  • Our high-efficiency rectification column can efficiently rectify and purify the distillate, easily achieving alcohol concentration up to 96% vol. at any desired purity level.

  • High-efficiency CIP spray ball 360-degree cleaning, high safety, high work efficiency, long service life, low energy consumption, high quality and low price.

  • Harmonizing the fine distillation bottom with the maximized copper contact surface, this ever-evolving design ensures the desired flavor unfolds and separates from the undesired ingredients


Gin Basket and CIP Valve Tree

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