1000L Gin Whiskey commercial distilling distillery equipment for sale
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1000L Gin Whiskey commercial distilling distillery equipment for sale

This distillery consists of a pot that is a combination of red copper ,glass and copper column,dephlegmator and condenser,electrical as its primary heat source (steam heating option is available as well). Our distiller is engineered to meet and exceed the needs of start-up distilleries or be used as an advanced test still for established distilleries for whiskey, gin, fruit brandy, rum,wine spirit and there is a possibility to produce vodka with additional vodka column.
Heating method:
Connection way:
  • DGET-1000L


  • 8438400000

Product description

DEGONG has been providing many supplementary items, such as tanks, filters, and bottling machines for distillery industries across the world. As for now,we are offering commercial Column and Pot stills to the global market as well!

Made and manufactured in mainland of China the Stills are extremely robust and high quality producing a very high quality end product.

These stills, combined with our high quality DEGONG brewohuse and other systems like bottling machine, can bring a complete solution to all your distilling needs.

Pot still

- The pot still can be offered in a combination of stainless steel and copper construction or all copper construction

- Heating options include steam jackets, steam coil, and electric

- Full CIP

- Optional agitator

- Optional glass manway

- Optional vessel light

Designs of head

- Hybrid designs

- Whiskey designs

- Vodka designs

- Gin designs

- Brandy designs

- Stripping head

- Cylindrical head

- Spirit head or Boil ball head

- Intermediate head

- Onion head

- Inverted Cone head

- Rectification column with dephlegmator

- Custom head designs available

- Full CIP

Rectification columns 

- Copper construction

- Bubble cap trays

- Individual Tray bypass

- Full CIP in each tray


- Tube and shell column condenser

- Stainless steel or copper construction

- Chilled with glycol or water


- Tube and shell

- Stainless steel or copper construction

- Chilled with glycol or water

- Simple parrot

- Full CIP

- Optional glass parrot

- Optional thermostatic valve

Distillate tanks

- Designed according to distillation capacity for:

   Low wines

   Final Spirits





- Hinged Lid, Top Manway, and Multi-chamber designs

- Full CIP

Customer show 

Quality control 


Pre-Sales Service

1. Free of making offers, craft and technical guidance.
2. We can provide company's qualification certification and the drawings.
3. We can also make customized products according to customer's needs.

After-Sales Service

1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
2. Owing to the quotation of our equipment is FOB price which excluded charges of door-to-door service. Thus, if necessary, we can appoint our technician to debug the machine with air ticket, visa, accommodation and labor cost provided by your party. Or you can send your technician to our company to learn techniques.
3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail to consult any relevant questions since we have a special line of after-sale service. Or you can communicate online and solve the problems.

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