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1000L commercial steel mash Lauter tank commercial beer brewing equipment for sale

As a micro brewing system, the set of professional beer brewing equipment is widely used in brewpub, restaurant, hotel, etc... It is CE ISO TUV arrpoved, easy to operate, optimum design and sanitary stainless steel 304 construction, steam/gas/electric heating method for your choose, we can design the most suitable configuration of brewery equipment for you based on your expected monthly output or annual output. 3 years of guarantee period.

Design pressure:
  • DGET-1000L
  • 8438400000

1000L beer brewhouse

1000L 3-vessel steam heated beer brewhouse 

1000L beer brewery equipment is widely used in brewpub, hotel and restaurants, etc... It can produce 1000L beer per brew. Our 1000L beer brewing equipment is optimally designed and manufactured. The 1000L beer brewing equipment can be made out of sanitary stainless steel 304 or red copper which depends on customer's specific requiements. Beer output can be expanded in the future by adding more tanks to your already owned beer brewing system. 

Specification of 1000L beer brewhouse

Beer brewhouse is deemed as the heart of a brewery. A set of 1000L brewhouse is generally consisted of 2-vessel (mash/lauter; kettle/whirlpool) or 3-vessel (mash/Lauter; kettle/whirlpool; hot water tank). However, because our brewery system is completely custom built, so the brewhouse system can be made strictly based on your specific requirements. Given most of customers' preference is 1000L 3-vessel brewhouse, so I am going to introduce the specification of our 1000L 3-vessel brewhouse system briefly as an example. 

Mash/Lauter tun:

  • Stainless steel grist hydrator 

  • Upper and lower steam jackets for 1000L brewhouse 

  • Heavy duty false bottom with pillar support system 

  • CIP spray nozzles under false bottom 

  • Fully insulated tank 

  • Interior light inside the 1000L mash/lauter tun 

  • Top manway (tempered glass) so you can check the running situation inside the mash/lauter tun 

  • Automatic variable speed rake system assembled on the mash/Lauter tun

  • Side manway on the mash/lauter for plowing out spent grain 

  • ABB wort pump; Siemens/SEW motor for raker 

Interior of mash/lauter tun

Kettle/Whirlpool tank:

  • Upper and lower steam jackets assembled on kettle/whirlpool tank

  • Tangential whirlpool inlet 

  • Fully PU insulated tank 

  • Top manway (Tempered glass) so you can check the running situation inside the kettle/whirlpool tank

  • Interior light inside the 1000L kettle/whirlpool tank

  • Thickness of inner shell: 3.0mm; Thickness of outer shell: 2.0mm;  Thickness of steam jacket: 1.5mm

  • Design pressure of jacket: 3 bar; working pressure of steam jacket: 1.5-2 bar

  • SS CIP high-low rotary spray ball with 360 of coverage 

1000L kettle/whirlpool

Hot water tank: (Adding a hot water tank to your 1000L brewhouse system can increase your working efficiency, it depends on customer's choice)

  • Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction for hot water tank 

  • 100% TIG welded 

  • 4 pcs of heavy duty steel legs with adjustable height and leveling footpads

  • Thickness of inner shell: 3.0mm; Thickness of outer shell: 2.0mm;  Thickness of steam jacket: 1.5mm

  • Upper and lower steam jackets assembled on the 1000L hot water tank 

  • Stainless steel top manway 

  • Visual level meter for 1000L hot water tank 

  • Tri-clamp connection method 

Spraying water to clean tank

Other accessories for 1000L beer brewhouse system: 

  • Wort pump: ABB motor, VFD type, rotational speed can be controlled by switching the botton on control panel 

  • Heat exchanger: Complete sanitary stainless steel 304, used to cool down the temperature of wort 

  • Wort aeration kit: Aeration stone; built in sight glass; stainless steel pipe assembly 

  • Working platform: Stainless steel material, 1 meter of standard height, with rails to prevent workers from dropping off 

  • Control box: Individual control box for controlling running of brewhouse system, PLC semi automatic type or fully automatic type, Stainless steel material or plastic material 



Fermentation system of 1000L beer brewing system 

Fermentation system is also an important process when brewing beer. The fermetation process is to convert wort into drinkable beer by aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. Fermentation period can vary according to kinds of beer. Generally it is about 12 days. Fermentation tank is where wort stays in during the whole fermentation process. 

Fermentation tank

Specification of 1000L fermentation tank:

  • 100% TIG welded 

  • Design pressure: 3 bar;  working pressure: 1.5-2 bar 

  • 4 heavy duty stainless steel legs with adjustable height and leveling footpads

  • Thickness of inner shell: 3.0mm; Thickness of outer shell: 2.0mm;  Thickness of steam jacket: 1.5mm

  • Side manway

  • SS CIP rotary spray ball of 360 degree of recovery

  • Interior is 2B or mirror which depends on customer's requirements 

Components we equip for 1000L beer fermentation tank:

  • Dry hopping hole 

  • Pressure gauge 

  • Pressure bunging device 

  • Side manway 

  • Sample valve 

  • Thermowell 

  • Temperature sensor 

  • Racking arm 

  • Drain 

  • Dual cooling zones with glycol inlet and outlet 

  • Thermometer 

  • Level meter (optional) 


  • Within the warranty period, any malfunctions caused by the quality issues or material issue, Degong will be responsible to it.

  • After delivering the equipments to our customers, Degong will arrange special worker to do the track service,because we set up the marketing department for specially dealing with the feedback of customers for providing the satisfied service. Once Degong gets the feedback from customers, we will do our best to deal with it for you.

  • For the malfunctions beyond the warranty period, Degong will also be responsible to it, but the seller should take in charge of the expenses.

  • Degong can dispatch technicians to install the equipments for you, but the seller should take charge of the expenses.

Why choose us 

  • Degong has been established for more than 10 years, we are more professional no matter in the beginning design or the manufacturing

  • Degong's equipment is more efficient, can save much time and labor cost, which is more economic in a long run

  • Our equipment is environmental friendly

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing craft,  world renowned brand components used, which can lengthen the using life

  • Optimized design can ensure the brewers operate easier and convenient

  • Strick steel plate inspection which ensures our brewrey equipment is absolutely sanitary

  • Every single set of brewery equipment is tested and debugged before it leaves our factory

  • Our service team is 24/7 at your disposal

  • CE ISO TUV UL certified, our brewery equipment is made strictly based on German manufacturing standard

Delivery and package

Packaging: After all the equipment is finished, the equipment will be enwinded by bubble film and then membrane to prevent tanks from getting scratched. Then all tanks will be fit into a container and fixed with iron wire. For LCL term, we will use wooden cases. 

Delivery: Shipping transportation is the most used way. Container will also be needed. 

Transportation of tanks

Transport with wooden case

Transportation of tanks



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