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5BBL Micro Turnkey Customized Beer Brewing Equipment for Sale

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Beer Brewing Process


Malt milling - Brewhouse system (get the nutrition matters from the malt) - Fermentation system (Turn the wort to beer after a certain amount of time) - Beer aging (In cask or bright beer tank) - Filter - Bottling machine (Or canning machine) - Distributed to the pubs or restaurants nearby

Brewhouse system


Brewhouse, deemed as a beating heart of your brewery system, is vital to the quality of your beer. A weak and defective brewhouse can not work and last for long. Its main mission is to extract the useful matters like protein, sugar and get the wort ready for fermentation. How the brewhouse is structured and the used components directly affect the working efficiency. The most concerned specifications of a brewhouse are listed below. By the way, our brewhouse is custom built if you have your own specific requirements.

Technical parameters:

– Food grade sanitary stainless steel 304

– Thickness: 3.0mm for inner, 2.0mm for outer and 1.5mm for jacket

– Tempered glass manhole & Lamp

– VFD wort pump with ABB motor

– Dual stage heat plate exchanger

– SS CIP high-low spraying ball with 360° of coverage

– Fully insulated vessel with PU

– Tangential wort inlet

– SEW/Siemens gear motor for blender and raker

– Wort aeration assembly

– External wort grant


Fermentation system


Technical parameters:

– 100% TIG welded with argon gas protection

– Stainless steel 304 sanitary construction

– Design pressure: 0.3MPa, working pressure: 0.15-0.2MPa

– Interior shell: thickness 3.0mm,  mirror polished

– Exterior shell: thickness 2.0mm, 2B-Pickled

– Dimple jacket: thickness 1.5mm

– 4 heavy duty stainless steel legs with leveling foodpads

– Dual cooling zones on the cylinder and cone

– Sample valve

– Thermometer well

– Pressure gauge

– Vacuum valve/ PVRV

– Racking arm

– Side manhole

– SS CIP spraying all with 360° of coverage

– Dry hopping hole

– Lifting lugs

– Carbonation stone well reserved


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