Customized 4000L Bright Beer Tank vertical and horizontal beer tanks
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Customized 4000L Bright Beer Tank vertical and horizontal beer tanks

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Thickness of material (mm):
  • DGET-4000L
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

Bright beer tank provided by DEGONG

Bright beer tank is used for beer maturation/conditioning/serving.


Bright beer tanks 4000L

It is specially designed for craft brewery brewing system and bar beer brewing system.

It can be widely used in the brewing of various craft beer types, such as Lager, Ale, etc. The tank has a dished-bottom cylindrical shape for vertical tank.

This 4000L brite tank has its own cooling device, which can easily control the temperature.

A rotating cleaning ball is installed inside the tank top, which is connected to the CIP cleaning system, which can clean the inner wall of the tank at 360 degrees without dead ends,ensuring hygiene and safety in production.

4000L bright beer tank can usually be matched with 4000L per batch brewhouse system or

2000L per batch brewhouse system, and 2- 4 can be configured.

Generally, the configuration of bars and microbrewery is more common, and the size and

placement of the tank can be customized according to site requirements.


Brewing system for making beer


40HL BBT(Bright Beer Tank)/Brite Tank Specification:

Capacities from 2bbl brite beer tanks to 200bbl

SS 304 construction

Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve

Top manway or side shadowless manhole

Sanitary rotary spray ball

PU foam insulated

Cooling jacket on the cylinder or single wall serving tank

Side CIP arm assembly with bung valve/spunding valve and pressure gauge

Sanitary thermowell

Sample valves

Bottom discharge

Four legs with adjustable feet 

Internal shell: 2B, External Shell polished Ra <4um

Available pressure tank certificates of CE, PED for 2014/68/EU


Brewery details ,side manway,dimple jacket,CIP arm...

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