500L-2000L stainless steel brewhouse system commercial brew kettle new for sale
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500L-2000L stainless steel brewhouse system commercial brew kettle new for sale

500L-2000L beer brewing equipment was widely used in hotel,brewpub,bar or breweryThe whole brewing system including Grist miller,brewhouse system,fermentation tank,cooling system,CIP and Controller,the equipment can be also customized.
Thickness of material (mm):
Heating method:
  • DGET-500L
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

500L-2000L stainless steel brewhouse system

For example,2 Vessels 500L Brewhouse:

500L Mash/Lauter Tun + 500L Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tun

500L Mash/Lauter Tun + 500L Brew Kettle/Whirlpool + 1000L Hot Liquor Tank

500L Mash/Lauter Tun/Hot Liquor Tank Combined vessel + 500L Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tun


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Two vessels brewhouse with hot liquor tank

This kind of equipment is now widely used in the industry, mainly make up with mash/Lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool. The function of mash/lauter tun; mashing and filter, Kettle/whirlpool function; boiling and whirlpool. If you configure a hot water tank, the work effective can be increased by 50%.

The advantages of two vessels of mashing system:

  • equipment simple, invest small

  • pipeline simple, the operation easily

  • the equipment height is low, the height requirement for the site is not high.

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brewery equipment-min

Raker with agitator;Spent grain hatvh with chute; Rotatary cleaning ball...


Every Weld Blended and Finished to a Smooth Sanitary Finish

Stainless steel brewing platform & integrated stairs or ladder with adjustable foot pads for platform leveling

Stainless steel hard piping and brewhouse manifold with butterfly valves, Sight glass and all required clamps and gaskets to hook tanks together

Stainless steel steam condensation stack.

Sanitary centrifugal pump for mash, wort or hot water transfer

Fixed speed or various speed agitator and rake for efficient lautering and spend grain removing

High Efficiency multi-pass plate type heat exchanger

Control panel in stainless steel with digital control

V-Wire False bottom Included in Mash/Lauter Tun – virtually guarantees consistent wort flow

Compact-Space Saving and flexible Brewing Configurations

Available in Electric,Steam or Direct Fired

Standard Thermometers and Thermawell Adapters

VFD controlling for pumps and motors

Semi automatic or automatic control

Level gauge

 500L-2000L Mash/Lauter tun 

Mash/Lauter tun is a vessel used in the mashing process to convert the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation.Our mash/lauter tuns are insulated to maintain a constant temperature. The mash/lauter tun have a false bottom and spigot so that the sparging process can be done in the same vessel. Steam jacket design will allow The systems are designed to do both decoction mashing and infusion mashing. The mashing tun/kettle is made out of stainless steel or copper.

It has the same capacity as the cooking tun and can also be made out of stainless steel or copper cladding. It has a design with a false bottom in stainless steel v-wire and a raking gear that has the function of an agitator, a rake and a spent gain remover. This is a very unique and helpful tool because after filtering the spent grains will be removed from the lauter tun, saving a lot of time and energy of the brewmaster. Furthermore the mash/lauter tun can be equipped with additional accessories such as sight glasses, CIP jets for simplifying the lautering.


 500L-2000L Boiling Kettle/Whirlpool tun 

After lautering, the beer wort is boiled with hops in a tank known as a kettle/whirlpool tun. The boiling process is where chemical and technical reactions take place, including sterilization of the wort to remove unwanted bacteria, releasing of hop flavours, bitterness and aroma compounds through isomerization, stopping of enzymatic processes, precipitation of proteins, and concentration of the wort.


At the end of the boil, the hopped wort settles to clarify in the same vessel, there is a tangential inlet of wort on the vessel. Thus, a vortex is formed when the wort is infused along the arc inside surface, so that the more solid particles in the wort are separated out. Whirlpool can happen in the kettle because there is no obstacle inside the kettle.


Bright beer brewhouse at the restaurant/brewpub

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