10BBL Industrial Customizable Stainless Steel Equipment Superior Quality for The Production of Craft Beer Hot Sale in US
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10BBL Industrial Customizable Stainless Steel Equipment Superior Quality for The Production of Craft Beer Hot Sale in US

We manufacture and supply brewhouse sizes from 50L to 20000L based on customer’s demand. Our brewery equipment is turn-key and consist of mill system, mash system, fermentation system, cooling system, cleaning system (CIP), control system and accessories. With brewery equipment you are able to produce outstanding full-bodied beers. Beginners will find it easy to brew with this fairly automated equipment.

Thickness of material (mm):
  • DGET-10BBL
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

By learning each brewers individual needs, we will work with you on first stage layout design, on just right lauter tun size, on piping design, on planning your expansion project in very first start to make your own micro brewhouse.


A set of brewhouse system with plate heat exchanger

We design and produce a line of complete microbreweries to your specifications. Alternative brewhouse configurations are of 2-vessel, 3-vessel styles and customized. To guarantee breweries’ reliable performance, we use quality stainless steel, fittings, and various parts, depending on our good craftsmanship, deep experience and technology in brewing industry. Especially, we focus on your convenient running breweries, by learning your special specifications and realizing them on the brewing systems.

Features of brewhouse system and fermenting system

What is a Brewhouse?

Brewhouses are comprised of several key pieces of brewing equipment. The mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool, in the skilled hand of the brew master, convert grain that has been milled through a specialty grain mill, into sweet liquid called “wort”. Wort is subsequently fermented and finished in specialized beer tanks called fermenters and brite tanks.

Features of brewhouse:

- All tanks are made of food grade stainless steel 304. 

- Adopting advanced world famous brand components in electric parts and operation parts.

- ABB motor for wort pump 

- ABB/Siemens motor for raker and blender

- PLC automatic control method

- The structure of brewhouse: 2-vessel, 3-vessel or 4-vessel (Optional)

- Thickness: inner 3.0mm; out 2.0mm; jacket: 1.5mm

- Insulation: Polyurethane   thickness: 100mm

- Working pressure: 1.5-2.0 bar      Design pressure: 3.0 bar

- Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra0.4µm without dead corner

- Outsourcing surface: weld polishing processing

- Heating method: steam; electric; direct fire (Optional)

- All welding are used argon gas protection welding. It will help to reduce the oxygenation and protect the joint. Our welders has many years experience in welding and they adopt the most popular welding way--TIG welding.

- TC connected CIP arm with 360° coverage spraying ball

- Filter board gap is less than 0.6mm

- Dished top and conical bottom

- Stainless steel top mounted manhole and door

- 4pcs completely SUS304 heavy duty legs with leveling 

- Two stage plate heat exchanger


Dish head and Spent grains hatch


Plate heat exchanger and yeast addition tank


Raker and upper manhole


Mashing system internal false bottom filter plate


Exterior and interior of the control cabinet

- Mash & Lauter tun: Brewing & sparging water blending port, VFD rake, with wort grant, mash hydrator, etc

- Kettle & Whirlpool: Dimpled steam jackets or direct burning heating, as well as electric immersion heating

- Hot water tank: Steam heating, direct burning or immersion electric heating.

- Heat exchanger: 2-step or 1 step, with fittings such as thermometers, venturi aeration unit, etc

- Cellars: Singe, double or multi-time brew size fermenters and BBT

- Cellar Control: Automatic Temp. control with solenoid valves

- Portable CIP cart: with an electric immersion Heating alkali tank and a sterilization tank, automatic Temp. control and a washing pump, etc

- Customized design of tanks, production flow, etc as per customers’ brewing process and beer features.

- Customized arrangement of brewhouses’ vessels, in rows, angle or square to fit the customers’ existing buildings.

- Dismountable basic frames with operators’ platform and pre-built piping for convenient site installation.

Fermentation tank

The task of brewer yeast in the primary fermentation stage is to convert part of the sugars in the wort into alcohol. At the set degree of fermentation the fermentation process is interrupted (not to be the full conversion of 100 % sugar).

This section includes all tanks designed to the primary fermentation of beer.


A row of fermentation tank

Our stainless steel beer fermenters are built for those that want the best. The series are all unitanks, which means they can handle pressure up to 1.5bar. That allows you to carbonate in your fermenter without a separate brite tank or waiting days for your beer to ferment in kegs or bottles. These fermenters are scaled down versions of what you will see at any profession brewery. All sanitary welded tri-clamps, butterfly valves, 60° cone angle and dedicated tri-clamp for use with a blow off cane. If you are ready to step your fermentation game up to the best this is the product for you!


Bright side manhole


Triclamp,Thermometer,Sample valve

Safety valve,Rotate racking arm,Pressure gauge


Dimple Jacketed Beer Fermentation tank




Stainless SUS 304

Main workmanship

Pure argon gas welding; professional machine polish for inside and outside .

Product characteristic

1. Double jacketed conical fermentation tanks with dimple cooling jacket

2. Technology :German method

3. Finishing: mirror polishing ≤ 0.6um

4. Interior thickness:3 mm;Exterior thickness:2 mm;jacket:1.5mm

5. Insulation: Polyurethane 100mm

6. Pipeline connection : full stainless steel pipeline

7. Electric elements : With high quality Chinese famous brand or the international famous brand also is avalilable .

8. Matched fittings: the butterfly valves , the manway door , sight glass , CIP cleaning arm and rotatory balls , pressure gauge and temperature probe , adjustable feet


A) Capacity : from 500L -10,000L

B) Cone degree:60;

C) The position of manway door , on cylinder or dish head;

D) Cooling jacket can be dimple jacket;

E) Outter jacket finish can be mirror finish , brushed stainless steel finish

F) The type of the manway door can be flange type or the nor type .

G) The dish head can be signal or double


Fermenter model

Our company:


Our workshop


Iran customer beer brewing equipment display

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard wooden package 

Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It's suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers' special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on. 


Ready for shipment

Contact information:

If you are interested in our craft beer brewery equipment, need a quotation or you simply want to discuss your project with us, get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.



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