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1000L per hour brewing water treatment equipment/RO water treatment for sale

The function of the water treatment equipment is to improve the quality of brewing water. The objects includes the microorganisms, germs, colloid, organic matters, heavy metal ion, solid particles, and free chlorine, etc... so the water can meet the brewing standard, ensure the quality of the beer

  • DGET-1000L
  • 8438400000
Production description 

What's a set of RO water treatment system?

RO system is raw water through precision filter, granular activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters, compression, and then through the pump pressure, the use of reverse osmosis membrane pore size 1/10000μm make a higher concentration of water into low concentration of water, while the industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water mixed with a large number of full isolation, to achieve the required physical and chemical indicators for drinking and hygiene standards, outputs to clean pure water is the best choice of body replenish water quality. It is key equipment of pure water plant.

Working flow 

STEP<1>. Sand Filter:  Use quartz sand media with a diameter of 2-4mm to remove some big suspended solids like colloids, rust, mud, impurity etc.  

STEP<2>. Carbon Filter:  Active carbon can absorb some organism, dissolved air, odor & color matter etc.

STEP<3>. Softener:  Use cation exchange resin to remove Calcium, Magnesium etc. to make soft water.

STEP<4>. Security Filter: Use 5 -20 micron sediment cartridge filter / bag filter, to remove the passed suspended solid from pre-treatment, so that to ensure the safety of the entrance of RO system.

STEP<5>. Reverse Osmosis: The nanometer RO membrane can intercept the inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloid, bacteria, viruses and other impurities but H2O of the source water, so it can produce the pure water.

Features and advantages 

1.System can produce water continuously and high degree automation. 

2.No need chemical to regenerate, easy operation and maintenance.

3.Core components of ro system are imported USA DOW membranes.

4.Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level         

5.System flushes RO membranes automatically, reducing membranes polluted speed.

6.Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump

7.Product water conductivity meter can monitor water quality online continuously.

8.Low operation cost and long life span


Our services 

After-sale Service Instructions for RO system 

(1)100% factory tested before shipment 
(2) 1 Year's Quality Warranty
(3) 2 Years of trouble free service offered
(4) Solve problems within 24 hours


Our advantages:

1.Factory direct sale
2.Strict quality control 
3.We are supplier of some large supermarkets and famous brands
4.Professional service
5.No matter the quality or price,we can either give you the best
6.OEM available 
7.We have 1~2 QC for each step
8.More than 10 lines for production to make sure the prompt leadtime
9.We have our own raw material factory,carton factory,packing material factory to control every link,and save you the cost from every link


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