10BBL Fermenter Equipment Beer Brewing Machine Double Jacket Unitank CCT Brewpub Manufacturer
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10BBL Fermenter Equipment Beer Brewing Machine Double Jacket Unitank CCT Brewpub Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply brewhouse sizes from 100L to 20000L based on customer’s demand. Our brewery equipment is turn-key and consist of mill system, mash system, fermentation system, cooling system, cleaning system (CIP), control system and accessories. With brewery equipment you are able to produce outstanding full-bodied beers. Beginners will find it easy to brew with this fairly automated equipment.

  • DGET-10BBL
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

Used for the fermentation, maturation, and storage of beer. Cellar vessels are a key factor in the amount of beer a brewery can produce.

• Unitanks/Fermentation vessels

• Bright Beer Tanks

• Storage vessels

• Serving Tanks


A set of fermentation tanks

CCT have a cooling jacket over the entire height of the cylindrical and conical part.  ССT are warmed by polyurethane foam 70-100 mm thick. The external covering of CCT is made of food mirror stainless steel.

Double jacketed 60º cylindro-conical fermenters

This control normally is done by external cold equipment, common to all fermenters, and a control unit with a thermostat for each one of them.

10BBL Beer Fermentation Tank Technical Parameters

Fermentation system



Material:SUS316L /SUS304

Interior Shell: 2B/mirror plate; TH=3mm
Exterior Shell:2B/mirror/brushed plate; TH=2mm

100 mm PU for insulation

Dish head,cylinder,60 degree cone bottom(adjustable)

Top or side manhole,

With electromagnetic valve or mechanical pressure regulating valve,sample valve,temperature sensor, adjustable leg,Rotating 
beer mouth, discharging outlet.CO2 outlet,coolant inlet and outlet,CIP inlet and outlet,wort inlet and yeast outlet,cleaning ball, pressure gauge

Option:Dry hop mouth,CO2 filling device With titanium
rod distributor;level gauge


Carbonation stone;Spray ball 

Butterfly valve;Pressure gauge;Ball valve


Horizontal lagering tank and rotate racking arm

These fermenters have the minimum characteristics that we advise for the professional production of beer. They are made of stainless steel 304, they are cylindro-conical at 60º and they have a double jacket in the cylinder and cone to control the temperature.

The temperature regulation is also precise. The control system allows for precise regulation of the temperature of the fermentation for each style of beer being made. Furthermore, it allows you to lower the temperature 2-3ºC for two or three days to clarify the beer once the fermentation has finished.

Undoubtedly, without controlling these characteristics, we cannot guarantee the quality and reproducibility of the craft beers.

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: standard wooden package 

Package Type : As usual, we adopt wooden case as package type. It's suitable for long-distance transport. According to customers' special demand, we could adopt sheet iron case and so on. 


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