10BBL Automated Commercial Craft Beer Making Equipment for Brewpub/Restaurant
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10BBL Automated Commercial Craft Beer Making Equipment for Brewpub/Restaurant

10BBL brewery system is always the choice for starters. Thanks to its optimized principle and personalized design, our 10BBL brewery equipment is welcomed by customers from all over the world. CE ISO TUV certifications make the brewery equipment meet the international standard. The state of the art manufacturing technique and world renowned components ensures the satisfaction of users and working life of brewery equipment.

Brand of components :
Maximum pressure:
Thickness of material (mm):
  • DGET-10BBL
  • 8438400000
Product description 


The characteristics are: maintain the freshness and nutrition at maximum. Rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, 8 essential amino acids to human but can not synthesized by ourselves, and more than 11 kinds of vitamins, especially B vitamins that rare in other foods; Besides, brewer can also brew red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, black beer, to meet different taste and level of customer.


we will take full responsibilities for designing, manufacturing, installing the beer making equipment and lauter tun and producing the first brew,

Now, let me show you the simple introduce of our beer equipment:

Beer brewhouse

Function–mashing, mixing and wort boiling.

Volume + ~30% headspace

Gross capacity:1400L,

Useful capacity:1000L

Outline size: φ1400*2100 mm.

Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm /11 gauge

Steam jacket: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm /14 gauge

Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm /14 gauge

Insulation thickness of brewing equipment: 80mm;

Internal 2B finishing, welds polishing to 0.4um

Cylindric and bottom with steam jacket–Max 3 bar pressure ensures 1°C/min heating speed.


Components included in a brewing equipment:


-Top domed thermostatic hermetic closed glass manway door.

-VFD agitator motor SIEMENS.

-Top domed lighted sight glass.

– PT100 temperautre sensor probe

– Sanitary centrifugal 2.2 kw mash pump SIEMENS with VDF Danfuss controller.

– Bottom mash inlet /outlet.

– Middle side wort/water inlet/outlet.

– Top dome wort /water inlet.

– Middle cone wort outlet.

– Quick installed Spray CIP balls.

Fermentation system 

Dual zone dimple cooling jackets (3 or more on larger tanks)

Interior shell: same as brewhouse

Cooling jacket: same as steam jacket of brewhouse

Exterior shell: same as brewhouse

100mm Polyurethane as insulation of fermentation tank

Interior surface to finish pickled and passivated

Exterior surface to brushed, #4 finish

580x480mm Side manway, shadowless

Dry hop inlet at top;




Sample Valve x1;

Pressure relief/vacuum valve x1;

Temp. sensor / thermometer x1;

Rotating racking arm with butterfly valve x1;

Bottom outlet with butterfly valve x1;

Spraying Ball with down tube x1;

Stainless pipe legs with adjustable footpads x4;

Packaging and shipping 

Packing& delivery is very important during the orders, can promise the equipment with good condition from seller to buyer. In order to promise this, we will do as follows:

1.Wooden case or steel frame. This method is very good for loading but need extra cost. Also because of the dimensions of the tanks and container, maybe some tanks cannot use them, but can be confirmed when talking about the order.

2.Generally will use the stretched film, this is free and also can avoid the scratches. Will use the carton to cover all of the accessory.

Brewing process

From the beginning to the end, the brewing process can be divided into 6 main parts which are separately malt milling, brewhouse, fermentation period, CIP part, Cooling system and Control system. Each of it is necessary. 

Our services 

1.Pre-sales service

Some clients are new in this field, they also no have ideas about how to confirm the configuration list, since we have experience, we can give some suggestions and also other clients for reference, then they will know what they will need exactly. We also have the process video for the brewing equipment, if the client do not know the process, the video will be sent.

We will give the layout according to the client’s floor plan or their requirements.3D layout also can be provided. This can help the client to get a better understanding about the project.


We will give the detailed diagram of the tanks, this can help the client to know whether this is what they need and also can modify them before placing the order.

2.After-sales service


When loading the equipment, we will take photos and show them to the client to confirm everything in the container already. Another important issue is installation,2 options can be chosen by the clients as follows:


1).We can send the engineer there for helping the client install debug the equipment, if it is necessary, the engineer also can teach the client how to brewing beer.


2).We can provide the piping diagram and wire diagram. They are useful for installing. Then the client can install the equipment by themselves.

3).The sales will contact with the client all the time until the equipment running normally. Once the client need any assistances or need any accessory, the sales will provide them soonest.

Contact us 

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