600L/1200L Commercial Brewing System Mash Tun Brewing Microbrewery Equipment Online for Sale
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Product Detail

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600L/1200L Commercial Brewing System Mash Tun Brewing Microbrewery Equipment Online for Sale

Brewing is typically divided into 8 steps: milling, malting, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting conditioning, filtering, and filling. The mashing-lautering-boiling whirlpool take place in the brewhosue, turn the malt into wort. In order to provide the one-stop service, we could help you purchase the yeast, hops and other related raw materials for you. Our brewery equipment is suitable for bars, pub, restaurant and so on

Fermentation tank coolinig:
Thickness of material (mm):
Heating method:
  • DGET-600L
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

Product description
  • 600L Brewhouse - steam, direct fire or electric heated

  • Mash vessel - with mixer, frequency drive

  • Lauter tun - flase bottom, rake system, sparging

  • Wort kettle/whirlpool tun with heating system

  • Pumps with ABB motor

  • Stainless steel 304 working platform

  • Plate heat exchanger – SUS304 or 316 plates

  • 10hl and 20hl fermentation tanks/bright beer tanks

  • Glycol cooling system

  • CIP system

  • Grain mill machine

  • PLC Siemens control system

  • Keg washer/filler


Product feature
  • Mash tun/Boiling tun: Use steam heat method, with designed jacket and agitation device to ensure the heating rate while avoiding coking, saving steam.

  • Lauter tun / Whirlpool tun: Easy assembly, with detachable combination of arable knife and sieve plate to achieve better stirring effect. Increase the diameter of the central cylinder to improve the effect of stirring and drain rate. The wort outlet is designed according to dynamic study which enables the collection of wort to be faster and more homogeneous. The design on the bottom of whirlpool tun is in line with the characteristic of the sink trub, which separate the clear wort and turb well.

  • We can provide customization according to different design: mash tun with lauter tun, boiling tun with whirlpool tun, or separate 4 vessels combination.

  • All tanks are manufactured by SUS304/316, with an inner polish of less than 0.4µm and outer polish of less than 0.8µm.

750mash 细节-min

brewhouse system details

750 equipment 细节-min

raker&operation plateform&hopper&plate heat exchanger

Fermentation system


  • fermentation tank

  • bright beer tank(optional)

  • food tube

  • refrigerant pipelines(keep warm tube)

  • electromagnetic put air out

  • electronic gauges

  • valve pipe fittings



Fermentation tank description
  • Material Inner (SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm

  • External-Jacket(SUS304)thickness:1.5m

  • Oval head cone bottom, thickness: 2.0mm

  • Inner surface treatment: welds grinded to Ra 0.4um(attached Omni cleaning ball)

  • Mirror surface finish inside

  • Insulation: Polyurethane-thickness 80mm

  • Equip with: cone 60degree resist compression design, dripping temperature drop

  • Cleaning system: all round cleaning

  • Control method: temperature control, voltage-control and hand automatic control

  • Weld slinging band, width 40mm

  • Valve pipe fittings supporting, Single tank single control

  • Maitreya plate cooling jacket

750FV 细节-min

fermentation tank accessories

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