3.5bbl 5bbl 7bbl 10bbl and larger complete brewing system single tank for breweries
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3.5bbl 5bbl 7bbl 10bbl and larger complete brewing system single tank for breweries

We know that not every brewer wants the same thing, so we offer custom configurations based on your needs. For acustomized quote or to design a custom system, please email our sales representative. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and help you design your system. Production turn time varies, but is typically about 2 to 4 months from order date.
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  • DGET-15bbl
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

3.5bbl 5bbl 7bbl 10bbl and larger complete brewing system

We offer complete Brewery packages with pre and post installation support for sizes 3.5bbl, 7bbl, 10bbl, 15bbl, 20bbl, up to 50bbl. Our brewhouse’s are built from the ground up at our facility, and hand crafted by a team that is passionate about the craft beverage industry. We have been manufacturing, designing and improving our systems for over 10 years. All of our brewhouses are offered with system layout drawings and specifications, pre-piping, and assistance with contractors and tradesmen throughout your project.


Our 3.5bbl systems are replicas of our 7 and 15bbl systems and are designed with scalability in mind. A perfect startup unit for a restaurant/brewpub looking to scale up in the future or for the larger brewery as a test system to tryout new recipes or maintain product consistency.


Our 3.5bbl -15bbl systems are offered as stand alone tanks or with an option as a skid mounted combi-system that saves space and start up time for the smaller brewpub business model. The combi tank combines a single batch hot liquor tank, and a mash/lauter tun into a single tank mounted on a skid with the brew kettle, and is completely piped and electrically wired. With this option you have the quickest install time and it saves precious space in your brewery.

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Brewhouse system with components false bottom,heat exchanger...

Our 20bbl-30bbl systems are outfitted for efficiency and production. While there are multiple upgrade options, we outfit these larger brewhouses with CIP manifolds, dedicated pumps, double batch hot liquor tanks, and premium touch screen control panels. We also have options for grantless vorlaufing and improved flow controls for sparging that give the brewer more control and consistency.


3.5bbl-50bbl brewhouses 

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Microbrewing, craft brewing or commercial large brewhouses, we have the equipment, supplies & install engineers. Looking to find bottling lines and tanks for sale we have that covered.


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