Build A New 10HL Brewery for Starting Beer Business with Decent Quality
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Build A New 10HL Brewery for Starting Beer Business with Decent Quality

We build a wide array of stainless steel tanks, using some of highest grade stainless steel available on the market. Our top-of-the-line steel tanks are easier to clean and maintain and will save you hours of back-breaking labor down the road. If care about putting out a quality product, we recommend starting with quality brewing tanks.
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  • DGET-10HL
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  • 8438400000
Beer brewing equipment

Heating System

When brewing you need a lot of hot water and to be able to boil the wort in the kettle. This means you need a heating system. The option is electric or steam. For a larger brewery anything over 500L steam is always the better option.Steam is cheaper and also gives a more even heat source. With electric you can caramelize the wort close to the heating elements which isn’t a good thing in most instances.


Brewhouse system

The first place to start is your brewhouse. It’s where you will make the sugar that the yeast will turn into alcohol. A brewery can be a 2,3,4 or even 5 vessel system. It will have a mash mixer, lauter tun, brew kettle and whirlpool.



Brewhouse with a hot water tank

The mash tun  is where you mix the water and malt that will turn starch into sugar

A lauter tun is the vessel where you transfer you sugar liquid (wort) from going to the brew kettle leaving the spent grain behind.

The brew kettle is where you boil your liquid, sterilizing it, there is a color change and also where you add the hops that give you beer bitterness.

A whirlpool   is a vessel where you create centrifugal forces to create a cone of matter to be left behind when you collect your wort to the fermentation vessel.

The most common choice is a 2vessel brewhouse system. You will have a combined mash/tun later and a kettle/whirlpool combined.If necessery,a hot water can be equipped to deliver brewing effiency.

Of course,3vessel,4 vessel or 5vessel are also available according to your needs.



 Side manway beer fermenting vessel

Fermentation Vessels

Fermentation vessels (FV) are the tanks where you ferment the beer. These days most breweries have uni-tanks. These tanks are for the fermentation and maturation of the beer.

You can ferment the beer, then cool it to drop the yeast to the bottom of the tank. Then dump or save the excess yeast for the next brew.


The beer is stored in the tank until it's ready with a little bit of yeast still in suspension. For ale it may be a few days or for lager it can be around 30 days.


Cooling system

When you brew beer, temperatures are very important. The way you control temperature is with the cooling system. This is a tank of cold glycol that has pipework to pump cold glycol (around -3 to 4C) to where it is needed.


So, for example FV's have a jacket, they have an inner wall and a cavity that has houses insulation and also glycol pipework.


The glycol goes through this pipework and can cool the FV down when it gets hotter during fermentation. The glycol doesn't come into contact with the beer as it is inside the glycol pipework between the FV inner and outer walls.For your system you need a glycol tank, pipework and a pump.

cooling systemlayout-min

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