1500L Craft Commercial Turnkey Stainless Steel Microbrewery Equipment Beer Making Supplies
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1500L Craft Commercial Turnkey Stainless Steel Microbrewery Equipment Beer Making Supplies

Brewhouse combination is flexible according to your needs and daily work shift. The more brewing tanks, the continous batch to batch brewing is easier to achieve.Hot water tank is optional, which could help heat the hot water and store the hot water come from plate heat exchanger after cooling the wort. It can improve the efficiency of mash. Fermentation tank quantity will depend on beer daily output and beer fermentation cycle. Bright beer tank also is a option, the function is store and Add CO2 in general. If you want save cost, we could add a carbonation stone for fermentation tank, then it named " Unitank".

  • DEGT-1500L
  • DEGT
  • 8438400000

1500L brewery equipment feature

Tank Capacity:1500L (Working capacity)

Configuration:Mash/Lauter tun, Kettle/Whirlpool tun, hot water tank as option

Function:Grain mashing, lauter, Wort boiling, whirlpool

Interior Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=3.0mm

Exterior Shell: SUS304 full welded; TH=2.0mm

Heating: Steam heated (Electric heated, Direct fire heated for optional)

Brewery equipment brief introduce

Mill system: (mill machine) 

Malt and grain raw materials (barley, corn etc.) can be well dissolved after being crushed, and the crushing quality plays an important role in the composition of wort, wort filtration and raw material utilization in the mash process.


malt miller1_WPS图片

Mash system(mash/lauter tun + boiling/whirlpool tun + hot water tank)

mash/lauter tun

  • This tank has a mixing paddle to ensure that the mix of water and malt is constantly agitated during mashing.The malt is mixed with hot water to allow the starch to be converted into sugar by enzymes. We have steam jackets on the outside of the tanks to heat the mash in stages.This mashing process takes about two hour.

  • The sweet liquid, now called wort, can pass through the screens of the false bottom, while the grain stays behind. The wort is then pumped into the kettle.This process takes about 1.5 hours. Afterwards, the spent grain is collected for pig feed.

Boiling/whirlpool tun

  • Once all the wort is in the kettle, the liquid is boiled for 60-90 minutes. This ensures that the wort is sterile.Hops are added to the kettle at the start of boil for bitterness and at the end of boil for aroma and flavour.

  • The wort is then recirculated through a whirlpool effect which ensures the residual hop product and proteins and enzymes are coagulated, and settle out of the liquid as a sludge called solids sediment.

750BW 2

mash/lauter tun + boiling/whirlpool tun + hot water tank


Cooling through plate heat exchanger

Once boiling is complete, the wort is cooled to around 20℃ through a heat exchanger on its way to the fermenter.This process takes about 1 hour.By heat exchanging, we recover the energy used to boil the wort, cold water becomes hot water, and returned to the hot water tank which is then used to brew more beer or for cleaning.

plate heat exchanger -min

Fermentation and maturation

  • Once all the wort is in the tank, the yeast is added.The yeast will ferment the wort and turn it into beer.Primary fermentation will take about 3 – 4 days to complete. Fermentation temperatures will vary depending on beer styles, a lager is fermented below 16℃, ales are fermented above 20℃.

  • At the end of fermentation, the finished beer is chilled to 10℃ and then 4℃ and kept in the tank for maturation, usually around three weeks.Yeast is harvested from the cone section at the bottom of the fermenter, to be used to ferment another batch of beer.

750 FV 细节图-min

Fermentation tank details

Our service

Pre-sale service:

  • Make the equipment details specifications to customers.

  • According to the drawings,the samples to customized the beer equipment.

  • Layout plan in CAD drawing.

  • The competitive price and the timely delivery.


After-sale service:

  • The warranty period of our equipment is three years.

  • Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

  • We provide turnkey system, onsite installation service for brewery projects.

If you have interest, please feel free contact with me.

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