How to make BEER? Everything about the brewing process
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How to make BEER? Everything about the brewing process

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If you are curious about subjects involving beer…This is the place for you! Our content is made to give you the perfect experience in the beer culture.


The main ingredients for brewing beer are straightforward and reliable: Malt, Hops, Yeast, Water, and Additives or Adjuncts. Sometimes additives can be so extensive, so we decided to separate them into water additives and other additives in beer in different posts.



Nowadays, brewing beer is actually a really precise and complex process or art that converts Barley into an alcoholic beverage…

Brewing beer is not just throwing grains in a pot, boil them, and let them sit and see what happens. It’s like art. You need a method, technique, tools, knowledge, and passion. Some could say it’s the work of an artisan.

How is beer made? All steps in brewing

If we only look at the steps in the process, it’s actually really simple to understand:

  • Malting: First, grab some grains, start a germination process and then dry or toast them to achieve flavours and characteristics.

  • Mashing: Take the malted grains, throw them in some hot water for some time (NOT BOILED!), and let the starches and the enzymes do the work…

  • Boiling: After the mashing process, the result is a sticky and sweet liquid called wort. Strain the grains, and then you can start to boil. While the wort is boiling, you can add hops or spices in different intervals of time.

  • Fermentation: After the boil, the wort needs to be at room temperature, so you chill it and transfer it to the fermentation vessel and add the yeast.

  • Packaging and Carbonation: After a few days, the uncarbonated beer is bottled and is left ageing or in a second fermentation to produce CO2.

Briefly, that is how beer is made, of course, in the most basic idea. In between, some extra steps allow more efficiency in the process. One example is sparging the grains, or filtering the wort, pasteurize the beer, etc.    

For beer making, I would recommend you to invest in:

A thermometer that can hold temperature and is waterproof.

Some way to read the sugar content, maybe a Hydrometer and the Jar,  or maybe a Refractometer.

Have you ever tried to make beer? Let me know in the comments.

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