TUV PED CE 1000L 1500L Beer Brewing Equipment Turnkey Brewery for Beer Production Near Me
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TUV PED CE 1000L 1500L Beer Brewing Equipment Turnkey Brewery for Beer Production Near Me

Beer brewing equipment is used for lab ,pub,bar,hotel,restaurant,industry brewery etc. from 50L to 30000L per day. Brewing process include Milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpool, wort chilling, fermentation&maturing, cooling, temperature controlling, cleaning, filling etc..So complete beer brewing equipment including brewhouse, fermentation tanks, bright beer tank, glycol system, controlling system, beer filling machine etc.We can provide the design solution from drawing until after installation.

Heating method:
Fermentation tank coolinig:
Control system:
  • DGET-10HL
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

Beer brewhouse system brief introduce

This brewhouse system is equipped with heating system, automatic degrading system, heat recovery system, filtration system, indoor exhaust system, etc. Simple operation, 3 years of main quality guarantee.It can realize stepwise heating and saccharification method, get better wort and produce better refined beer with better taste. Suitable for pre-investment of small breweries or places such as wine restaurants.

750 BW-min


750BW 细节-min


Beer fermentation system brief introduce

Powerful refrigeration system, temperature can be automatically adjusted, fermentation temperature can be arbitrarily set. The lowest temperature can be reduced to 0 C. Fermentation area can reserve space, increase the number of fermentation tanks, but also use a larger volume of fermentation, enlarging production capacity is easier.

Safety factor is higher: fermenter adopts double safety system control.

Mechanical regulator valve: normal working set pressure. The top is equipped with positive and negative pressure breathing valve to protect the positive and negative pressure.

Hop drier: The top is equipped with a hop drier, which can be dried at atmospheric pressure and dried at fermentation tank with pressure.

Carbonization device: equipped with movable carbon dioxide carburization device. When the content of carbon dioxide in beer is insufficient, beer can be filled with carbon dioxide gas to increase the content of beer.

CIP system: Fermentation tank is equipped with a comprehensive cleaning device, which can fully clean the fermentation tank and is not easy to infect bacteria. Beer quality is more stable.

750 FV-min

750 PUB-min

craft beer brewing system in pub


75 FV 详情-min

If you are interested in beer brewing system, please feel free to contact me.

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