10bbl fabricates custom brewery tanks to build your personal beer business in European
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10bbl fabricates custom brewery tanks to build your personal beer business in European

DEGONG provides semi and fully automated beer brewing equipment worldwide, including installation, training to start your production. We deliver Brewhouses & turnkey projects and like tanks, CIP unit, Keg cleaning, pasteurizer, yeast propagation.
Thickness of material (mm):
Heating source:
  • DGET-10BBL
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

Turnkey Microbrewery Description

2vessels brewhouse-min

2 Vessel brewhouse system



(2) Vessel Brewhouse Systems


10BBL – 30BBL


To be determined by stadard & Customer

Top: 3mm thickness, certified 304 stainless steel 

TC CIP with a sprayball

Vent stack with condensate ring 

ABB motor & drive unit for hand lifting mixer paddles

All inside welds are TIG welded with heat stain removed

(2) lifting lugs


3mm sidewall certified 304 stainless steel 

Steam heating jacket in (2) zones – 1.5bar psi working pressure

Whirlpool inlet


Sight gauge tubing for volume level

100mm insulation


3mm thickness, certified stainless steel 

TC drain

(4) Stainless steel legs with adjustable feet

All inside welds are TIG welded

Stainless Steel Working Platform

To be determined by standard & Customer

Stainless railing and stairs

All 304, 2B stainless steel framework construction

Control Panel

Separately control brewhouse

Piping for Brewhouse System

Sanitary tubing connects tanks

Connections for Heat exchanger & pump

TC unions are also provided so that Brewhouse can be disassembled for shipping & installation

TC butterfly valv for tangential inlet to Brew Kettle

brewhouse copper-min

Copper brewery tanks available

  • Mash/Lauter Tun

Mixer tank is also known as a Mash Tank.

Primarily used for beer, mixing crushed grain and hot water. As are all of brewery tanks, these are made to your specs.

  • Brew Kettle/ Whirlpool

This vessel combination is used for boiling the wort and whirlpooling after the mashing process before fermentation.

  • Hot and cold liquor tank

These tanks  for the purpose of heating or cooling beer. These are hardy tanks and are super functional.

  • Fermentation Vessels

It also known as fermenters or FVs (and occasionally spelled fermentors), are the tanks, barrels, or other vessels where wort is held as it ferments into beer. 

  • Single Wall Conditioning Tank

These stainless steel Conditioning tanks are designed specifically to aid in the aging of the beer and are used for storage in a cold room.


Fermentation Vessels


Single Wall Conditioning Tank

From starter sets to commercial quality brewing and dispense equipment.Kettles, mash tuns, fermenters, electric brew houses, all one vessels, everything that the brewer could ever need.

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We can fabricate custom brewery tanks built to your specifications and that are designed to maximize your floor space.

Talk to us about your requirements and we will design a system to work for you and your company.


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