5Barrel Beer Making Machine with Electric Heating High Quality Pro Unitank Fermentation Tank for Sale
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5Barrel Beer Making Machine with Electric Heating High Quality Pro Unitank Fermentation Tank for Sale

Whether you are purchasing your first brewhouse, expanding or upgrading we are ready to customize your brewing solution. Our dedicated team of professionals will work diligently to ensure your brewery is made to order and built to last.
Every brewery project is custom from the ground up and our on-site teams will be able to configure your project from concept to commissioning. Our team will help build reach your output goals with the right sized brewhouse and proper vessel configuration.

Thickness of material (mm):
Fermentation tank coolinig:
  • DGET
  • 8438400000

5 Barrel 2 vessel beer brewhouse

Mash/lauter tun&boil kettle/whirlpool tun

This brewhosue includes, but not limited to

  • 2 vessels fully insulated, both vessels have heating function.

  • SUS304 stainless steel or above standard material are completely used.

  • Convenient cabinet control of all brewing process, manual operation of valves.

  • With CIP equiped on top of the vessels.


Mash tun

Mash tuns come standard with side manway for grain removal, sparge arm, individual strike port, sparge ports, center drain, and perforated false bottom. For adjunct heavy mashes a V-wire false bottom is available.  Wort can be heated using a coil, tube, or steam. The mash tun can be open top or fitted with a motorized rake/plow.  


Boil kettle

Boil kettles feature open or domed top with dished/domed bottom.  They include center drain, raised wort outlet, sight glass, and tangential whirlpool port. We achieve maximum heat distribution by mindfully locating the sanitary tri-clamp heating element ports on the electric kettles. All electrical elements are protected for personal and equipment protection, with an added standard safety float for extended service life. Steam venting or condensing options are available. Steam kettles are fitted with dual zone jackets on the side and bottom of the kettle, with optional calandria.

Hot water tank

Hot water tanks can be oversized and include a coil for mash heating.  All HLT's come equipped with tangential recirculation port, clamp down lid, sight glass, and inlet for house water for easy filling on brew day. Optional HLT timer can be implemented to pre heat your strike water prior to your arrival to the brewery.

750 BW -min

750mash 细节-min

mash system operation details


5Barrel beer fermenter

1. Conical Fermentation Tank and horizontal lagering tank are available.

2. SUS304, internal wall 3mm, inner welds polished; outer shell 2mm, surface polished.

3. With cooling jacket on cylinder and conical bottom. Equipped with chiller and Glycol Tank.

4. Side manhole, top CIP spray heads, security valve and pressure measurement.

5. Conical fermenter is 60 degree bottom, drain at the center of bottom, equipped with sample tap, temperature sensor, beer faucet.

6. Cold water inlet and outlet.

7. PU insulation 50mm.

750 FV-min

conical SS fermentation tank 

75 FV 详情-min

beer fermenter details

 If you are interested in beer equipment, please feel free to contact me.

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