Craft Beer Brewhouse Start A Brewery in Your Budget Beer Making Supplies Stainless Steel Tank for Sale
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Craft Beer Brewhouse Start A Brewery in Your Budget Beer Making Supplies Stainless Steel Tank for Sale

Regardless of the type of brewery our brewhouses provide everything that is essential for best beer quality: an efficient boiling system, a reliable lautering system and high-quality components for the piping and frequency control of the pumps and motors. Our brewhouses are designed according to customer demands and include extensive levels of automation in the case of higher outputs.
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During development we always focus on cost effectiveness, efficiency and resource-saving operation. Having operated an industrial brewery for many years we know all to well that these criteria are essential if your brewery is to remain competitive and enjoy sustained success. Our brewery installations have one goal: to offer you the best solution for brewing your beer. Flexibility with types of beer and expansion potential are as equally important here as the consistent taste of you products.



Craft beer brewhouse details

Inside surface: SUS304, Thickness:3mm

Outside surface: matte polishing stainless steel, Thickness:2mm;

Thermal insulation material: rock wall, thickness: 80MM,

Liner pickling passivation

Materials: Stainless steel 304

Heating method: electric heating

Feedstock method: it is designed by seal pump to pump out design, Mash pump with high power and low speed.

Sealing method: Top pressure manhole feeding,

Temperature measurement method: PT100 temperature probe

Cleaning method: CIP Fixed rotate cleaning ball and sparage coil. top manhole,

With:thermometer, level all necessary valves and fittings;

Stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to adjust leg height.

Matching valve accessories

Processing technology: argon arc welding, external polishing, internal pickling passivation, no welding dead angle, to ensure fluid quality.

The upper part is equipped with a reducer and a connecting mixer.

The internal mixing device is equipped with the connection speed reducer and evenly heated.

750 套图3-min

新 details3 750-min


Our advantage

We share our expertise with you right from the early planning phase. We recommend the ideal machines and capacities for your needs, support you with the selection of a location right through to deciding on the best types of beer. In a nutshell: you benefit from our extensive range of services and receive a complete turnkey system the starts brewing your beer on time and in budget.


If you have interest, please feel free to contact me.

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