Automated sticker labelling machine for round glass bottle / PET bottle
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Automated sticker labelling machine for round glass bottle / PET bottle

The Labeling Machine is widely used in pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, chemicals,light industries such as glass bottles, plastic bottle labeling, auto-complete sub-bottles, labeling, lot number hit, high accuracy, rapid continuous labeling.
  • DGET-Labelling machine


  • 8438400000

Production description 

This  is suitable for round bottles or paper box, carton double sides and single side labeling. It is featured by high labeling precision, stable operation, neat, no bubble, no wrinkle. The qualified rate can reach 99%. It is no bottle no labeling. Besides, if the label size is different, it can be adjustable in certain scope. The whole machine is easy to move can be matched with ribbon code printer, bottle unscrambler, turn table and inkjet printer etc.

Technical parameters 

Power supply


Production capacity

        20-120 Bottle/min

Suitable diameter


Applicable label size

15≤width110mm (110mm~180mm customized), length≥20mm

Filling accuracy




Features of the labelling machine

1.  High labeling precision, steady performance. Labels are plain, no bubble and wrinkle

 2. One machine could be used for different kind of containers, round bottles, conical flasks and square bottles.

 3. The speed of labeling, conveying and bottle distributor could be adjustable steplessly, which is convenient to adjust according the actual needs

 4. The machine could be used separately and also can be connected to the production line to work automatically

 5. The mechanical system guarantee a stead operation of the machine

 6. The machine is equipped with automatic bottle distributing function

 7.  Automatic operation and high working efficiency to save labor cost

 8. Prevent the deflect sticker and bubble

 9. Good sticker looking

10.  Sensor check: no bottle, no sticking,

11. automatic sticker test and adjustment function.

12. The machine is made mainly from high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy

13. Control method: PLC + touch screen + stepping motor + standard sensor control.

14. High safety standard, human-computer interaction interface

15. Simple operation and maintenance

16. Production counter and electricity-saving function

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Our services 

After-sales service:

We guarantee the quality of the main parts within 12 months. If the main parts go wrong without artificial

factors within one year, we will freely provide them or maintain them for you. After one year, if you need

to change parts, we will kindly provide you with the best price or maintain it in your site. Whenever you

have technical question in using it, we will freely do our best to support you.

Guarantee of quality :

The Manufacturer shall guarantee the goods are made of Manufacturer’s best materials, with first class workmanship, brand new, unused and correspond in all respects with the quality, specification and performance as stipulated in this

Contract. Quality guarantee period is within 12 months from B/L date. The Manufacturer would repair the contracted machines free of charge during the quality guarantee period. If the break-down can be due to the improper use or other reasons by the Buyer, the Manufacturer will collect repair parts cost.

Installation and Debugging:

The seller would dispatch his engineers to instruct the installation and debugging. Cost would be bear on buyer’s side

(round way flight tickets, accommodation fees in buyer country). The buyer should provide his site assistance for the installation and debugging.


- What should I do if we are not able to operate the machine when we receive it?

Operation manual and video demonstration sent along with the machine to give instructions. Besides, we have professional after-sale group to customer’s site to solve any problems.


- How could I get the spares on machines?

We will send extra sets of spares and accessories (such as sensors, heating bars, gaskets, O rings, coding letters).Non-artificial damaged spares will be sent freely and shipping free during 1 year’s warranty.


- How can I ensure that I get high-quality machine?

As a manufacturer, we have a strict supervision and control of every manufacturing step from raw materials purchasing,brands choosing to parts processing, assembling and testing.


- Is there any insurance to guarantee I will get the right machine I pay for?

We are an on-site check supplier from Alibaba. Trade Assurance provides quality protection, on-time shipment protection and 100% safe payment protection.

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