500L Hotel/beer Bar/ Cafeteria Craft Commercial Bright Beer Tank
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500L Hotel/beer Bar/ Cafeteria Craft Commercial Bright Beer Tank

Full high quality stainless steel bright beer tank manufacturer, wrapper with 2mm high quality stainless steel, the middle medium high-performance polyurethane insulation, according to user's requirements, various specifications of the product design and manufacturing.

Thickness of material (mm):
  • DEGT-500L
  • DEGT
  • 8438400000

After the beer matures, it is necessary to filter and remove the yeast and other turbid substances in the fermentation broth, so that the wine is clear and translucent, and the bottle is supplied to the packaging department to become the finished product. The sake tank is used to hold the sake. The material is usually stainless steel with polyurethane insulation.

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What is Bright beer tank?

  1. Perfect cleaning condition,scientific design of the tank,head and the cone.Ensure the CO₂ supply,low temperature of the beer,cleaning of the tank.Ensure the tank is connected and  shares with the CIP  system,ice water,temperature control.

  2. Once the primary fermentation is completed, the green beer is pumped via a transportable pump from the fermentation tank to the serving tank. The green beer matures in the bright beer tank.After the ageing process the beer can be served directly from this tank.

More information about Bright beer tank

  • Superposition,Horizontal stacking

  • High quality Butterfly valves,sample valve

  • Clamps and gaskets,pressure gauge

  • 4 stainless steel legs with stainless leveling footpads

  • Interior and exterior sanitary finish

  • Exterior SUS304 2B finish

  • With an average of 20% head space

  • CIP arm and spray ball

  • Sanitary tri-clamp connections

  • Volume:1BBL-250BBL

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Why choose us

1. Our advantage

DEGONG's own factory has the advantages of customization, fine workmanship, durable equipment, beautiful appearance, price concessions, simple operation, corrosion resistance and technical support.The equipment can also be designed and manufactured according to your special demand.

2. Our certificate

Our equipment is coming with certifications of PED and our company is TUV approved. We use CE approved components for customers. The quality, specification and function all meet the treaty of contract.

3. Our service

We can provide engineers to help you install the equipment, and we can also provide winemakers to help you solve technical problems.


Packing & Delivery

Standard packing: 

1.Cord ,film membrane

2.Firm membrane, wood box for free fumigation

Transport: by sea

Delivery :

1.We put your order into our tight production schedule to ensure the punctual delivery time.

2.Production or inspection report before your order packed.

3.Shipping notice/ insurance to you as soon as your order is shipped.



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