500L/800L High Quality Gin Whisky Distillation Equipment Copper Distiller for Sale Online
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500L/800L High Quality Gin Whisky Distillation Equipment Copper Distiller for Sale Online

The distillation equipment,It can be used for making distilled spirits such as gin, whiskey,brandy,vodka,rum etc. All systems have the characteristics of small and medium size,
automatic control, easy operating and beautiful outlook. The equipment is suitable for small and medium sized workshops, hotels etc. And we can customize the equipment according to your needs.
Control system:
  • DEGT-500L

  • DEGT

  • 8438400000

How to make distilled spirits? Let's take a look at it today, go go go!

1-Get your equipment

Distillers work on stills. The still is connected to a condenser (a container through which cold water is run) which in turn is connected to a barrel to collect the finished distillate.

2-Clean your still

Your still must be cleaned thoroughly before every distillation. After all, you wouldn’t want the grime from the last distillation to mess up your liquor.

3-add your Alcohol and Botanicals

There are many unique distillation techniques, often developed by distillers over months and years of experimentation. But the basics remain the same: you begin by adding the botanicals and your base spirit, to the body of the still. This spirit is a fermented alcohol, usually made of grain, with no additional flavour. It’s a combination of water and pure alcohol.

4-turn up the heat

heat source–some distillers use open flames, while others use furnaces or electric heating–starts to heat the bottom of the still. Alcohol begins to boil at 73 degrees Celsius, while water won’t boil until it reaches 100 degrees. This means that the alcohol in the neutral spirit will become a gas and begin to rise while most of the

5-cool and capture

As a gas, the alcohol moves up through the still head, or the top of the pot still, or the columns of the column still. It then moves through the condenser, which is filled with cold water, where it cools down and turns back into a liquid. The final distillate trickles into the barrel, where the distiller can decide whether to keep it or return it to the still for a second round of distillation, to become an even higher-proof solution of water and alcohol.


About distillation equipment more


Water-saving and highly efficient! The pipe bundle design

ensures the maximum possible heat exchange surface. By

deploying dual and triple circuit heat exchangers, we

implement optimal heat recovery concepts and facilitate

cost-efficient production under a wide range of conditions.

CIP Cleaning System

Effective cleaning of the entire distillation unit by means of

integrated high-pressure rinsing system. Rotating all access

nozzles enable rinsing of all components, which can be

cleaned with either hot water or cleaning agents. Clean

copper surfaces guarantee the highest distillate quality.

Using the cleaning system is as simple as can be.

Alcohol Management

Integrated alcohol reservoirs for all fractions. Manually or

automatically selectable. The reservoirs are equipped with

pump control systems and level switches. The digital concentration and volume data recording for the various

fractions facilitates effective company-internal production planning.


Steam or water bath. Our high-performance units are

equipped with devices for quick and even raw material heating. The heating control can be realized either manually or

automated via pressure/temperature control systems.

Condensate or waste gas heat recovery solutions are implemented as required and tailored to the individual units.




Usually, we choose Wooden case to protect the equipment from being damaged in transit, but a few customers choose sheet iron case.



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