Nearly 900 Brazilian breweries increased by 20 % in 2018
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Nearly 900 Brazilian breweries increased by 20 % in 2018

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According to a survey released recently by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply(MAPA), there were 889 registered breweries in the country in 2018, a 23 % increase over the previous year.

There are now 16968 varieties of beer and raw beer in Brazil, of which 6,800 were added last year, the official website of the Brazilian federal government reported on January 29. The agriculture ministry said the increase in beer varieties reflects increased demand for new drinks.

According to the distribution of breweries in the States, Rio Grande do Sul has the largest number of wineries, reaching 186. Followed by São Paulo(165) and Minas Gerais(115).
According to the survey, there is at least one brewery per 479 cities, or at least 10 per cent of the country's cities. Among all Brazilian cities, the largest number of breweries is Porto Alegre(Rio Grande do Sul), and 35 wineries are opened in the city. Followed by New Lima(Nova Lima, Minas Gerais) with 19 wineries and Nanqiaxiyasi(Rio Grande do Sul) with 16 breweries.


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