Professional carbonated drink fully automated canning machine for sale
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Professional carbonated drink fully automated canning machine for sale

  • DG-Canning equipment
  • 8438400000
Product description 

This production line is mainly used for washing, filling,sealing for tinplate,aluminum, plastic cans.It has the function of empty cans automatic depelletizer, automatiic overturn cans, automatic washing, filling, and sealing.It has high production capacity, it is ideal equipment for carbonated drink cans production line. Such as coca cola, pepesi cola, beer etc.

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Detailed components 

Washing Parts

The bottle is blown into the bottle shifting wheel, when the flushing clamp reaches the bottle neck, the jaw will clamp the bottleneck, under the guidance of the rail, the clamp will turn the bottle 180° into an upright position, through second bottle pusher into the filling position.

Filling Parts

The filling part is manly composed of a filling valve and filling transmission parts. The washed bottle reaches the filling position via the bottle shifting wheel. In the meantime, the bottle clamping plate of the filling machine will clamp the bottle and move up to seal the bottle, filling valve will open, send the liquid into the bottle.

Sealing Parts

The capping part consists of screw heads, capping transmission part, a sorting part and an undercover tube part. The bottle which has finished filling will enter the capping position via the driving wheel.



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