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Popular Korean drama "fried chicken and beer"

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"How can you not have fried chicken and beer? "In the two days of WeChat and Weibo, everyone shouted some fried chicken beer. If you are still confused about this, I am afraid that you are embarrassed to speak in your circle of friends. This winter, the big hot Korean drama "You from the Stars" has become the speed of light in Asia. This collection of love, crossing, aliens, and long-legged Korean dramas has brought a strong trend-`` Star Products "selling goods. WeChat fried chicken eggs trigger more than 200,000 times a day. Some people celebrate the hero Jinxiuxiandeng's full-page advertisement on Valentine's Day. The "Star" fashion is moving from the screen to real life, so some people say that it is not important to watch "You from the Stars." It's important that you don't know. Search for "fried chicken and beer" in Baidu. The first sign is "if you're not ready for fried chicken and beer, you're out."

The origin of "fried chicken and beer"

These days, the beginning of the year snow, brush the circle of friends, many are takeaway chicken and beer photos. Users were also surprised to find that WeChat also began to "drift snow": As long as you enter "fried chicken and beer" in the dialogue box, the iPhone will sprinkle snow; Android phones can be snow eaters. Many people often "snow" in the various groups where they are, and they are not tired, but they do not know the source of this word.
"Fried chicken and beer" is a line from "You from the Stars." The drama was broadcast by South Korean SBS television at the end of last year. It is based on the UFO recorded in the 1609 Joseon Dynasty Record. Tell the story of a mysterious man from an alien who fell in love with a female star. This is Quan Zhixian, who has become popular for starring "My Barbarian Girlfriend", has appeared in TV dramas again in 14 years and partnered with South Korea's youngest Jinxiuxian, 26 years old. The show broadcasts two episodes a week and once it is released, it has set off a frenzy of ratings and has broken the highest ratings of the previous "Successors". Although Chinese fans can only chase dramas through video websites, the heat has not diminished.
In the play, Quan Zhixian's Qian Songyi is a Korean first-line female star and goddess. She is tall, beautiful, and stylish. She is full of goddess in front of her. However, she lacks content, her brain is often short-circuited, and her expression is funny. Exaggerated. From time to time, he also made a Super crazy move and was ridiculed as "the brain was punched in the wrinkles". While the public appreciated her beauty, she waited for her embarrassment. All kinds of heartless stupid performances won the favor of countless fans and attracted fans to follow suit.
In the play, Qian Songyi likes to eat "fried chicken and beer" when it snows or is depressed. "How can you not have fried chicken and beer? "It is a mantra of Qian Songyi that makes fried chicken beer the hottest meal of the winter. On February 7 in the early snow in Beijing, Gao Yuanyuan also asked through Weibo: "Where is the snow, fried chicken and beer? It is said that at least dozens of domestic stars are now openly saying they are in the middle of a popular drama. This trend has also been promoted in the take-out business of fried chicken meals in many cities, and even doctors have spoken out. Fried chicken with a cold and hot beer is likely to cause digestive system discomfort, resulting in diarrhea and other consequences, it is recommended not to imitate the wind.
Also in fashion to catch up with the stars were social software, which reporters learned from Tencent that snowflakes appeared on WeChat's chat interface and that the programmer who designed the fried chicken and beer egg was also a star powder, which triggered more than 200,000 hits yesterday. In addition, the search for "fried chicken and beer" in Baidu now also has snow floating effects.

"Star Products" sold out

In addition to watching the story, many fans also learned to dress up in the play. In the first episode of "You from the Stars," Quan Zhixian even changed six sets of big clothes. A set of Celine's shawl jacket was called by netizens. "Wearing a sack is also foreign." However, compared to the overflowing coats, the 32-year-old Quan Zhixian's state of tender makeup in the play is almost perfect, which has aroused the enthusiasm of fans to search for cosmetics in the play, resulting in many "Quan Zhixian" products.
The lipstick that Quan Zhixian used in the play was initially misrepresented as the 52 # of Saint Laurent, resulting in the "global shutdown" of this lipstick. It is said that now buyers in Dubai shopping malls can tell Chinese tourists in Chinese. "No more." The lipstick that Quan Zhixian really used in the play was a South Korean brand endorsed by Quan Zhixian. The price was also relatively "pro-people." When fans learned of this "truth," they began to pursue it frantically. Miss Zhang, who works in International Trade, went to South Korea on business the other day. When she left, her colleagues asked her to buy "Star Products." After Miss Zhang arrived in South Korea, she found that the local heat of the show was also beyond imagination: "For example, an air cushion BB cream that appeared in the play was almost out of stock. The last five in the store were all wrapped by me. "
Reporters in a number of online stores, a few popular "star products" are basically not spot, fans want to buy, they have to "endure" a week or a few days of long buying period. On Taobao, as long as you enter the name of "You from the Stars" or the heroine Qian Songyi, tens of thousands of product information will appear, all of which are various costumes and cosmetics that have appeared in "Star You". Including the same coat, the same hair band, the same lipstick, the same bag, the same ring, the same sunglasses, the most important of which is the hair band and woven bag style used by Quan Zhixian in the play; The most expensive is a crystal dress worn by Quan Zhixian in the play. The purchase price is 128,000 yuan. This reporter Qiuwei J179
Story Introduction
The alien who fell in North Korea 400 years ago lived alone in Seoul with his secret for four centuries. He still has the same young and handsome appearance as when he first arrived in the earth, and he has the ability to be a super genius. He is the current university lecturer Du Minjun(Jinxiuxian). Qian Songyi(Quan Zhixian) is the most popular idol star in the Korean entertainment industry. She is arrogant and her behavior is reckless. Du Minjun, who can return to his own planet in three months, accidentally fell in love with Qian Songyi. In the relationship, the two men discovered the ties related to their previous lives. The protagonists of different planets eliminated misunderstandings between each other and eventually overcome difficulties in pursuing true love.


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