7BBL Stainless Steel Beer Brewery System Craft Brewhouse Equipment with Steam Heating
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7BBL Stainless Steel Beer Brewery System Craft Brewhouse Equipment with Steam Heating

7BBL Stainless Steel Customized Food Grade Craft Beer Brewhouse Equipment with Steam Heating
2 vessel / 3 vessel /4 vessel (According to customer needs)

inner shell:
outer shell:
jacket thickness:
  • DGET
  • 8438400000


7BBL stainless steel  3-vessel beer brewhouse equipment for sale


Brewhouse magnification:

 What is a Brewhouse?

Brewhouses are comprised of several key pieces of brewing equipment.  The mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle, and whirlpool, in the skilled hand of the brewmaster, convert grain that has been milled through a specialty grain mill, into sweet liquid called “wort”.  

According to client’s needs, various combinations of brewhouse can be offered as followings:


2 Vessel Brewhouse

Mash/Launter Tun + Boil Kettle/Whirlpool Tun

Mash/Lauter Tun/Hot Liquor Tank Combi vessel + Boil Kettle/Whirlpool Tun

Mash/Lauter Tun + Boil Kettle/Whirlpool + Hot Liquor Tank


3 Vessel Brewhouse

Mash/Lauter Tun + Boil Kettle + Whirlpool Tun

Mash (kettle) Tun + Lauter Tun + Boil Kettle/Whirlpool Tun


4 Vessel Brewhouses

Mash (kettle) Tun + Lauter Tun + Boil Kettle + Whirlpool Tun


Heating Methods

Steam Heating: dimple plate jacket with inlet/outlet fittings for steam heat transfer;

Electrical Heating: use electrical heaters to heat the medium in the jacket

Gas fired Heating: use gas burner at bottom to heat tank directly

Features of brewhouse equipment


Raker ,grain spent port etc.



Features of brewhouse equipment

All connections are fully welded Tri Clamp fittings

0.12 -0.15Mpa operating pressure; 0.3Mpa design pressure

Pressure gauge

Versitile port for dry hopping, CIP, and the pressure relief valve

Sampling valve

Thermowell for thermometer

Blow off cane

Polyurethane insulation jacket

Custom ss butterfly valves with racking arm

Stainless lower shelf

Adjustable feet

Made from 304 stainless steel



 Beer brewing process:milling--mash/lauter--boiling/whirlpool-cooling--fermenting--mature--packing


About us

 DGET is a enterprise which combines design, developing, selling and after-sale service as a whole.

We can provide a special scheme for the customer and beer production line’s design and developing.

Besides,we can visit customers and help customers install and debug machine at any time and solve after-sale problems timely.

The trade salesmen can go abroad to attend the exhibition and communicate with foreign customers successfully. We are specialized in brewing equipment.


---Our factory






1. Can your brewing equipment make both lager and ale?

A: Yes, our beer brewing equipment can make both lager and ale. 

2. How to achieve temperature control?

A: The PLC or digital displayer could control the temperature by connecting with the PT 100 sensor. The brewing tanks with rock wool to keep warm, the fermenters and bright beer tank with PU as cooling jacket to keep cool.

3. Is it possible to supply installation in our country?

A: Yes, we could supply our clients over sea service and direct the installation and brewing.

4. What type of control system?

A: Our control system is PLC control, also pass the CE.

5. What is kind of your packaging?

A: Export standard, wooden case, iron crate, or any suitable for long distance sea transportation.

 Contact information

If you are interested in our beer brewing equipment,please feel free to contact me.




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