304 Stainless Steel 10BBL Jacketed Brite Beer Tank Or Single Wall Available Beer Production Line
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304 Stainless Steel 10BBL Jacketed Brite Beer Tank Or Single Wall Available Beer Production Line

Whether you’re in need of a single-wall serving tank or a jacketed brite tank for storage, DGET has the manufacturing expertise build custom brite tanks of all sizes and configurations. We produce stainless steel brite tanks certified to international pressure standards and offer rigorous welding and polishing standards.
beer production line---brite beer tank

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Brite beer tank

Often called a “brite” beer tank, serving tank or secondary tank, a bright tank is the vessel in which beer is placed after primary fermentation and filtering, so it can further mature, clarify and carbonate, as well as be stored for kegging, bottling, canning and packaging.

We fabricate our vessels to the highest level of craftsmanship and build quality that will compare favorably to anything on the professional brewing equipment market.

All of our vessels are pressure tested, 100% sanitary welded, jacketed and insulated. 


Stainless steel brite beer tank/storage tank  with side manhole/top manhole

Brite tank details

When it’s time to carbonate your beer, you can rely on DG’s beer bright tanks for the job. Made of shiny and super-clean 304 Stainless Steel, you will get the results you want without the worry of external influences. Available in sizes from 1-150 BBLs and in a variety of finishes, these tanks are ready to serve.


Double brite beer tank

Features of brite beer tank

Both single-wall and jacketed/insulated tank designs

Tank fully customizable to meet brewing requirements

Designed and built to international pressure and sanitation standards

Round design with dished head and bottom

Insulated with Polyurethane foam

Double-acting air vent vale (below 60 BBL)

Pressure and anti-vacuum vale (60 BBL and above)

CIP with spray ball and blow-off arms

Sampling valve


Standpipe Outlet


Lifting Lugs

CIP arm and spray ball


Brite tank and copmonents(sight glasses,pressure relief valve,racking arm etc.)


Brite tank(pressure gauge and mechanical regulator valve )

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We attended the exhibition to let more people know about our equipment.

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Why choose us

Good know-how: We have good know-how about design of a brewing system, plus keeping study about craft brewing. All the brewhouse are customized according to brewer’s craft and building limit.

Always stand by: We’re here to help 24/7. We’ll respond back to you by email or Whatsapp to get your questions answered as quickly as possible. Professional engineer will design the equipment as per your requirement. And we will visit States every year to provide after-sale follow up visit. 

All-round service: Free consultation service before, during and after sales.

Guaranteed quality & certification: We own a excellent production team with superb professional skills for cutting, welding, polishing, testing etc. Every equipment will be tested strictly before delivery. 

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